Stress Free Golf Secret – Playing Focus #break75

Know yourself! Learn about your emotional and mental reactions to preparations befor eyour round. Stop sabotaging yourself by being a poephol. If you know you can’t play golf without sleep, SLEEP!

If you know you need food or don’t need food, follow your advice.

In this round, I tried a playing focus. This means I focus on somehting non-score related like a process or a thought about executing shots in a certain way or something to work on. This instantly takes your mind off the score an helps you focus on getting stuff done.

I am implementing this and now consciously say before a round out loud what I will be working on. It usually contains something about putting and something about hitting the ball but NO MECHANICS! No swing mechanics and no negative words with NOT or DON’T or NO in them. It must be positive and it must be NON SCORE RELATED and NON MECHANIC related. This is the way of the enlightened playa.


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34 Replies to “Stress Free Golf Secret – Playing Focus #break75”

  1. Billy Cross says:

    I subscribed today. I must say, and I am not trying to be mean, when I first saw your videos, I thought you were a dufus. I guess it's the hat. But now, your tips and advice are the things I go to when on the course. I now enjoy your videos, AND, they have helped me tremendously. I am 55 years old, been playing a long time, off and on, and I shot my first sub 80 two days ago! And yes, I did fall back on things I learned here. I do need a lot of work on chipping, but I am improving. Next Goal 75. Thanks for the help to give us to make golf more successful and enjoyable.

  2. Pat Mulhall says:

    I watched this in 2023! What's this "taste the putt"?!

  3. Sundown comes early in Thailand.

  4. Mike Waldie says:

    Somebodies been working on their swing! Nice work playa.

  5. Awesome vid playa. Love your good luck charm pup! He followed you everywhere!

  6. One of the best golf you tubers out there, doesn't focus on lessons but points you towards simply playing within yourself and thinking about where to put the ball. Lovin it

  7. 🤣🤣🤣that dog on the second tee box went like WTF

  8. I don't care what anyone says, the mentality you preach helps on the course. This is as close to practicing you can get without practicing.

  9. You saying how you get excited running through each hole in your head as you try to go to sleep strikes a cord with me. I’m the exact same way. Always trying to visualize each hole, decide on club choice, and if I’m lucky I fall asleep some time while thinking through the back nine😂

  10. Guru Golf says:

    Got to love a course dog.

  11. Love your channel. Started playing again last year after 20 year hiatus. Read your ultimate guide for sub 90 and it helped me immensely. Now I watch your videos daily. Thanks Matt. -Dan

  12. The dog just sitting at the front of the tee no fucks given 😂😂

  13. Jimmy Pax says:

    “If you know yourself and know the course, you need not fear the score of 100 rounds of golf” – Playa Tzu

  14. Love your videos. If you ever come to England would be great to play. 🏌️‍♂️ ⛳ 🐦

  15. Ted Zink says:

    I think I want to be a rocket surgeon when I grow up.

  16. Reid says:

    dog on the 2nd hole tee box lets gooo

  17. TearsOfSoy says:

    Found a feather on the 7th fairway the other day and planted it. Didn’t get any birdies but I did shoot a new pb 87, thanks for the tips!

  18. madman2541 says:

    5:33 was a ballsy shot and you didn’t even address it lol… par 5, 244yds to hole, water in front of green probably 210yds to carry the water! Very good shot bro!

  19. Why are you not on tour ?

  20. That dog hanging out is adorable. It knows golf etiquette too. It stays back and stays quiet and is content just having some company

  21. chris jumps says:

    is the two iron something worth trying for a 14 handicap? usually take driver or hybrid/rescue

  22. G P says:

    We did the same thing for a few years. We decided to play all the courses we hadn't been to yet, so we hit golfnow and started making the 1st tee time at wherever we decided to go (within a couple hour drive).

    It was a lot of getting up at 4am. Fun too. Always great to be the first footsteps in the few.

    Grew up surfing too, so dawn patrol on the links wasn't much different.

    Schedules don't let us do it much anymore, but there's still a few places we'll always try to play at 6:30-7:00am!

    Hit'm straight!

  23. Sam Pupillo says:

    Your ending message is so true. it's very tough to stay focused for 18 holes. i've only done it a few times in playing about 25 years. i've shot 34 and 35 for nine a few times. Low 18 is 77, and its usually more like 85. just have a few bad ones mixed in. but this is my year.

  24. AfizahYusoff says:

    the video i always watching a night before round of golf..and get the feeling of the birdie music when i'm on tee shot!!😁

  25. Troy Link says:

    Wow Matt, I’ve never seen you putt so bad! And you still shot 74!! Great round buddy! That 2 iron is a buttery beast!!

  26. Jak Bayano says:

    That 2iron @10:23. What a sound of the playa…flushed it!

  27. the buddy I play with is a very good golfer. I am a 30+ handicap,. we never discuss my game, we just go and have fun playing. i do want to get better. its not my putting. i normally 2 putt every hole. Driver is my big miss so i switched to my 5 iron. big change in score. great video.

  28. 35 downvote's. what's tha matter with those people.. they aint no playa's.

  29. dont forget to like and subscripe people 🙂

  30. Mikejam23 says:

    Smashing that 2i like a true bausplaya, love that ball flight! 🤜🤛

  31. alec says:

    i want to play as good as you…

  32. Ross says:

    "this is wrongthink" lol 1984?

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