Supercharge Your Golf Swing with INCREDIBLE Clubhead Speed! Add 10+ MPH and 30+ Yards!

In this video, Steve gives you 6 simple tips that will dramatically boost your clubhead speed! Easily gain distance throughout the bag.

Follow these tips and drills to increase clubhead speed, smash factor, driver distance, and have more FUN!
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3 Replies to “Supercharge Your Golf Swing with INCREDIBLE Clubhead Speed! Add 10+ MPH and 30+ Yards!”

  1. MikeR says:

    I always learn something new and useful when I watch Steve's videos. Appreciate all the hard work he puts into making them, to make us better and longer golfers šŸŒļøā€ā™€ļø Cheers from Nova Scotia MikeR.

  2. Craig James says:

    Steve Pratt is a legend

  3. Dave Rao says:

    At 75, I'm hitting it longer than I've ever had ONLY because Steve Pratt has constantly guilted me into doing drills.

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