Tates Hater Jumped By 4 Hoodman Revealed

20 Replies to “Tates Hater Jumped By 4 Hoodman Revealed”

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  2. Jy Wheeler says:

    to make the kinda money they got you gotta have money already

  3. I mean, tate is a scummy person but you talk the talk you gotta walk the walk

  4. Skxpt1c4l_ says:

    For anyone who's confused, the reason n3on (the kid who told tate to ykw) only got jumped because on a stream he said "if anyone sees me irl bro I'll pay you $1000 if you beat my ass." So no it's not bc he "disrespected tate" it's bc he set a bounty on himself and thought he was untouchable and reality hit him like a god damn train.

  5. Guts-lee says:

    n3on bro i remember him form 3 years ago 💀

  6. dthangs says:

    Hope they didn't take his asthma puffer😂

  7. Adin better watch out. He will be next.

  8. Bro honestly as Americans we can’t be this stupid lol 😂obviously Tate got him touched nothing to harmful physically but I’m sure he just wanted to prove a point to the kid that all actions have consequences and even on the internet are you not completely safe

  9. Hank says:

    Do you think it was all scripted with him getting bullied ?

  10. Don says:

    Its not because he talked about tate , he made a video saying ‘whoever sees me try me I’ll beat ya ass test my gangsta and some other shit , don’t twist the story to tate

  11. Andrew says:

    The neon video literally says its staged in the description stfu 😂

  12. I don’t feel bad for him at all hahah

  13. jj4m3s says:

    Dat boi was born lacking😂😂

  14. That definitely wasn’t a jump

  15. ivWOLFxx says:

    I need to see some bumps or blood to belive n3on really got punked. A ripped shirt isn't enough. #paidactors😂

  16. Jakob Bergen says:

    In the real world these cowards are f#cked up except Andrew

  17. You know this is staged right?

  18. i wish i had the money to join real world Love you TATE..

  19. I'm late says:

    Jake Paul is next

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