Taylormade Bought This Brand , so you COULD’NT #golf #golfproducts #irons

3 Replies to “Taylormade Bought This Brand , so you COULD’NT #golf #golfproducts #irons”

  1. Steve Hannah says:

    Adams golf has always made good irons with those being their best effort imho. Adams did not have the funds for merchandising as big names, which worked to our advantage as you would like to say they represented good value.

  2. I have those exact irons ….but I play mp5s buy they will never be sold because they are as good a club as ever been made love my Adam's cb2 black 4-gap wedge kbs 90 stiff shafts …only clubs I ever shot under par with ….

  3. Took over Adams becausevof patent issues

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