TaylorMade M4 Iron Review With Launch Monitor Data

TaylorMade M4 Iron Review along with launch monitor data on its performance as well as my own personal feedback on looks and feel.

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8 Replies to “TaylorMade M4 Iron Review With Launch Monitor Data”

  1. Mohsin Mir says:

    Lofts on M3 irons are same as p790 irons. Could you do a comparison between those two?

  2. Golfer206 says:

    Great video as always. Just bought p790. Great club for feedback, lets you know when your strike is off. Would to see the M3 compared against it. Same loft but different construction. Thanks.

  3. Interesting.. given that it really is a 5 iron, the stats are not too bad at all. If it does keep ball speed up across the face with that kind of spin, TaylorMade have made a good ‘Game improvement’ iron set

  4. steve Fowler says:

    Great review…i was concerned with the low spin of the M2 but with that improved I feel better about it…The M4 won't be available here in America until (I assume) after the PGA Merchandise show here in Orlando next month (February), which will put it inline with my new iron purchase I have planned in a few months. I will now certainly give the M4 a look…again thanks for a no nonsense review backed up by your fitting experiences.

  5. interested to see a head to head vs the Callaway rogue x.

  6. Good grief… 7i at 28* loft… That's slots perfectly between my 5i and 6i, what the hell is going on

  7. Interesting to compare this review with your review of the M1 almost a year ago. M4 spins more(!) but lower flight and shallow descent angle. I tried the M2 last year and just could not control the 7i whereas with the M1 I could. From your numbers there is a clear improvement from the M2 but I suspect M1 still has edge for control – especially with the greens being a bit soft at the moment

    When the weather improves you need to do a group test on course of M1, M2, M3 & M4: full & 3/4 shots with 7i into a green: that would be really interesting to see how the irons have moved on (or not) in 12 months

  8. Gazza Gee says:

    Wow. The ugliest shovel imaginable. Metal here, knobs there……yuk

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