Taylormade M5 3-Wood vs Taylormade M6 3-Wood

Taylormade M5 3-Wood vs Taylormade M6 3-Wood. Taylormade have released the M5 and M6 range of drivers, fairways, irons and Hybrids. These are the first fairway woods to include twist face technology. But which 3-wood should you use? Should you get the M5 or the M6? Are you looking for a long 3-wood? Or wanting to hit more fairways off the tee? Maybe your a low handicap, Mid handicap or high handicap? But your unsure which club would work best for you? Well let’s find out… and let’s do it now.


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  1. ScottyD says:

    Hello James. Really enjoy your channel and content. I do have one question though. Why do most reviewer's assume us higher handicap golfers won't like a 3 wood that is smaller than its counter part. I prefer looks of the smaller CC woods.

  2. Brett Yates says:

    I have a question about the club. How do I get the clubs with that shaft and grip

  3. Paul_ HD1 says:

    Great video, just what I was looking for. BTW… "The VERDICT… is still out"… LOL.

  4. I could give a damn how the club looks. It’s about performance.

  5. Great review James! I like both these options. I think the M 5 is your best bet and I like the M 6 because of the larger head and more forgiveness I am sure. Both terrific woods for sure. I actually just purchased an M 6 but in the # 5 Wood. Its 18 degrees and actually over the years 18 degrees was in the 4 Wood category. I thought it might give me more control and play better for me. At any rate I get to try it out for 90 days if I wish and can return it if I don't feel its a good fit for me. I recently got fitted into a complete set of M 6 Hybrids. It took me by surprise because I always thought that Callaway or Ping would be the better hybrid option for me but the difference in how I hit them with the M 6 hybrids is amazing. I am rapidly becoming a huge Taylormade Fan. These reviews of yours are awesome. Thank you for that. Spider Dubiel

  6. Rory has been struggling with driver for a couple of years now. I think not giving up ball speed in the m6 gives him the ability to abandon driver and still put it 300+ yards down.

  7. J T says:

    Hit both and liked the m5 better too.

  8. Sean says:

    Today I hit quite a few balls with each at Nevada Bob's.

    I had more distance with the M5 Titanium, probably around 10 yards. I was also hitting them sweeter as well. It is $399 versus the $299 M6 but I splurged on the M5 Titanium.

  9. 59BigWalt says:

    Do you think with just 10 swings and none of them off the tee, do you think you gave each club a fair evaluation?

  10. Geompat 1 says:

    Same shafts for each club? The TM website shows the Tensei shaft as stock for the M5(mid/low launch/spin), and fujikura Atmos for the M6 (mid/mid).

  11. Dumbest tag line ever, but good review. Let’s do it and blah blah blah. 😆

  12. HAPPY GOLFER says:

    I would chose the M5. Smaller head, adjustable. I currently play the Cobra F7 adj down to 13 degrees. I hit it well from the fairway and when I am missing the fairway with driver, i use the 3 wood. I can usually hit 16 out of 18 fairways with my 3 wood off the tee. Price is what puts me off an M5 right now. may have to wait 10 years so I can afford one lol. great review.

  13. John Dunne says:

    Comparison with cobra f9 3 wood off the deck would also be interesting, with a bit of a cost comparison. I still love my m2 3-wood.

  14. Alex King says:

    Has your swing sped up a bit lately mate

  15. They are a nice looking club, I love my M3 3wood but would love too try the M5

  16. Seve Sellors says:

    James, love the reviews any chance of testing the Wilson D7 range?

  17. James Harvey says:

    Two issues…. £325 for M5 is shocking!! And secondly, if I'm hitting the M5 of the ground I'm going be spending 10mins after every round, trying to clean out all the dirt thats going to collect in that weight port. I do like the look of the M6 though. Any chance of reviewing the Honma driver and 3 wood?

  18. I would love to see a head to head with the Cobra F9 fairway vs the Ping G410 fairway (standard). I think THAT would present you with a huge dilemma as to which 3wood you would put in the bag!! Keep up the great content, James!

  19. Nick Dear says:

    Love the channel! Would really like to see an F9 fairways! Not much online about them.

  20. For me only the M5 is under consideration since I don't like to look at a large fairway wood.

  21. The one big thing not mentioned is the massive price difference between the two. A full 100 quid more, granted its titanium but it's surely not worth an extra 100 of most people's money.

  22. allo cromeau says:

    Im guessing the M5

  23. Simon Hobbs says:

    Will be good to see how the others compare.

  24. Graeme Day says:

    Have you done the ping 410 fairways and hybrids yet James..?

  25. Great review and some good numbers there as well

  26. Joe Perez says:

    Looks like it'd be awfully easy for a lot of dirt/grass to get jammed into the bottom weight-screw-track of the M5. I constantly find dirt lodged into the heel of my 3 Wood where the hosel screw is, and that screw, despite post-round cleaning, has started to rust.

  27. M5 Ti looks to be a bomber for Rory. He doesn't even have a 3w in the bag… goes right to a 5w, then a 790 UDI. Could be a special set up for Torrey maybe?

  28. Josh Cotton says:

    Any testing on cobra coming up as seems to be a lot of TM content I'm not knocking it. Just think maybe a change of clubs like Callaway,cobra,ping.

  29. Saw the new m5 and m6 fairways at. The m5 is right up my alley until they release a m6 tour HFS face or a deep face. The new drivers are REALLY solid. I loved m1 & 2, hated m3 & 4. TMAG didn't have a booth but they did have a few heads sprinkled about. The Cobra f9 and Mizuno ST190G, were the most exciting new drivers for me. It'll be hard for me to switch to a new fw this year.

  30. Tony Aguirre says:

    Take out the shot that you hit with the M6 and you will see the numbers adjust to what they should be. Leaving a literal top in your number skews the data. It’s not beneficial to leave it in at all. We want to see what the club does not what you do.

  31. Balance says:

    Yawn these reviews by YouTubers are getting a bit boring… Don't you think so James. I mean most clubs are nearly the same and you can't really tell unless you try for yourself which suits you best.

  32. Tony Moss says:

    Might see more speed from the m6 off a tee

  33. ripyerballs says:

    Always a smaller headed 3 wood with shallower face for me I will stick with my M3 thank you.

  34. Andy Holt says:

    If only the m6 were titanium like the m5…id be all over it. But I’ll gladly keep gaming my ts2. I seem to recall rors always like a larger head 3w…as he primarily seems to use it off the tee…not from the deck. Thanks for another solid review.

  35. db Golf says:

    Lets do it, and let’s do it now . Cool how Titliest got that for you on your wedges . Let’s see a vid on a course review on your new Vokey wedges

  36. Good review!

    The NUMBERS were not at all what I was expecting. Based on what I've been hearing everywhere I expected the M6 to be longer. I'm not surprised you liked the M5 better, though.

    It occurs to me that the M6 was really meant to be hit off a tee. It's more of a driver replacement. The M5 looks like a much more versatile club. Perhaps that partially explains your results? You did only hit them off the mat.

    Suggestion: Perhaps your viewers would find it informative if you hit fairway woods off a tee AND off the deck in future reviews? I know I'd really like that!

    By the way, I don't like big headed fairway woods at all. I think it largely stems from the fact that I don't hit FW off the tee too much. 75% of the shots I hit with a FW are off the deck. I prefer a sleeker, lower profile, look for shots like that. A FW that is too big/tall just doesn't suit my eye off the turf.

  37. Off topic but building golf room in house what brand and your thoughts on the round hitting mat you are using?

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