Taylormades No.1 SELLING DRIVER for MID to HIGH Handicap GOLFERS!!!

Taylormades No.1 SELLING DRIVER!!! – In this video we show you the new taylormade Brnr Mini Driver with our MID Handicap golfer!! Do you struggle with Driver… If so then this could be the answer for you!! Filled with the same technology as the Stealth 2 this Driver could help you hit more fairways and lower your scores!!


20 Replies to “Taylormades No.1 SELLING DRIVER for MID to HIGH Handicap GOLFERS!!!”

  1. 20 HC here down under! Played my first 18 with the brnr mini today. Unbelievable!! The big stick gets me into some really difficult positions, even if I hit it well I find myself with a difficult chip approach. With the brnr, the misses were barely a miss and it leaves me a much more manageable shot in! Immediately my favourite club in the bag.

  2. Mark Bowen says:

    Tested and fitted the mini driver last week. For me driver has never been great even with lessons. The new mini for me when set up right is a long fairway finder for me. Straight in the bag and drivers for sale.

    Longer clubs might give a better club head speed but no good if you can’t control it or hit out the middle. The burner for me is awesome and I have control. And for a mid handicapper it is forgiving.

  3. Andy Linacre says:

    Dave's never been cute ! Nice work on the putting surface Dave !! (good luck at 1230 )

  4. david carr says:

    Purchased one this week, played 9 holes with it v impressed! Sound and feel excellent but most of all much better for me vs a 460 head which I just cant control. Play off 8. Tee height critical on these mini drivers, much lower. If your a player that struggles like me with the technique of a 460 head and sweeping up yet a much stronger iron player, descending attack I think these are perfect for your game!

  5. It is a thing of beauty. Now if TM would release a 460cc driver with the same good looks if would sell like hotcakes

  6. This course is beautiful. I can’t believe the grass on the fairway. My course in NE North Carolina has less grass. Difficult to hit fairway woods and irons

  7. Davy Bell says:

    Dave is the man!

  8. Matt Jons says:

    Really interested in the Mini driver , really on or off with the driver but hit 3 wood much better. Great stuff Dave and Chris

  9. TJVBham says:

    Very impressed with what I've seen of the TM Mini-driver so far. Since I'm about the same age and handicap as Dave, I might just have to test it out as well.

  10. Bill G. says:

    Would really appreciate having Dave hit the 300 Mini Driver against the BRNR mini.

  11. I have hit this driver at my local course where hitting fairways are essential unless you like 7 or 8 on your card and love it. I am tempted to buy one.

  12. Craig Seaver says:

    AM seriously considering this piece of equipment.

  13. Dan Fields says:

    The coarse tells tye story, we don't get to hit off mats out there… great stuff as always

  14. Hi Chris can you get Dave to try the new big Bertha

  15. E91 says:

    Can anyone help me out regarding the mini driver please do you hit it on the up same as the driver or do you hit down on it same as a 3 wood? Struggling to find the answer

  16. jack bailey says:

    Dave played the 2holes well, notice you did not show the 4th hole the killer. Been there for nearly 6 years love it.

  17. Tom Sung says:

    Would love to see the stats on the mini driver especially as Dave was hitting with the stock shaft. How that compares to the lighter shaft he has been using in the tests for the other drivers in the last few months. As a player who is also spec’s to lighter shaft I am curious to see if the stock mini driver would work without upgrading the shaft.

    These videos with Dave are super helpful. A swing consistency I can relate to.

  18. Brett Larson says:

    great hybrid on the first hole Dave

  19. Tim Dench says:

    Very interesting review. Showing the data would be great pls.

  20. More data is better.

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