Tee Box Renovation and Storm Repair at Morris Park Golf Course

Scott catches up with Grounds Superintendent, Robert Guffrey, to hear how the Z-23 helped Morris Park Country Club expand their tee boxes and repair areas on the course suffering from storm damage.

The rear-landscape attachment for the Z-23 can collect debris, level the ground, and fluff the soil for seedbed prep perfection.

To learn more about the Z-23, visit ForceByABI.com or call a Force Specialist at 877-788-7253

0:00 Introducing Robert Guffrey
0:56 Golf industry struggles
1:38 Storm damage repair work
3:27 Having the right equipment
4:21 Sidewalk edging made easy
4:52 More time to prioritize new projects
5:49 From baseball fields to golf courses
6:30 Extending the driving range
7:25 Tee box maintenance and installation
9:21 Thanks for watching!


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