Tesla Powered Electric Classic Mini Makes For An Incredible Motoring Experience!

Best day of Kyle’s YouTube career driving this @GildredRacing classic Mini converted to electric with an @ElectricClassicCars Tesla Model S drivetrain!

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21 Replies to “Tesla Powered Electric Classic Mini Makes For An Incredible Motoring Experience!”

  1. Jason Seeley says:

    I've got a 1963 Traveller and have considered an EV swap. With the longer wheel base and the extra space in the back for batteries, it seems like the perfect swap! Love your videos Kyle!

  2. DerpTweaker says:

    Seems very dangerous

  3. Rick Bullock says:

    The car looks amazing and obviously goes like hell. $120,000.00 is definitely a lot of money considering what it doesn’t have in my opinion. You can buy other cars that are electric and not spend that much money. This car is for the very rich who can buy what they want because they can.

  4. Steve Dowler says:

    That's a super ride, thanks guys. I wish I had my Dad's MGA (and the bucks) to convert to electric. Cheers.

  5. I had an 848cc 1972 mini pickup in exactly that colour as my first car!

  6. ram64man says:

    Great work team you basically created a ev Italian job

  7. ab3000x says:

    What a beautiful little car! I'd go with a classic Beetle over this because of the RWD but I wouldn't mind owning this.

  8. Chris Benson says:

    I love minis! This conversion is a gem.

  9. Rojo Diablo says:

    I was waiting for a 'Give it the full beans' with the Mr. Bean theme firing up. Missed opportunity for a copyright strike!

  10. Great video 😂 need some Martian wheels 11 inch

  11. Egidio Meola says:

    Very expensive 😮

  12. John Poldo says:

    What is the difference and history of Mini and Mini Cooper? Did Cooper buy the defunct Mini company?

  13. Mad Propps says:

    This is truly an amazing build. As someone who has owned one of these in Vtech form I can fully relate to the excitement and fun you shared in the video. It makes me really miss my Vtech Mini. I would love to do this to a Mini Pickup some day.

  14. i would love to see these minis be done with 13" hub motors ,20hp per wheel, 4 wheel drive mini

  15. haakon says:

    Would be a hilarious to use it as a sleeper.

  16. That car looks like a toy next to Kyle.

  17. rcguymike says:

    Did Kyle make it a little over 20 minutes without saying "Epic"? 😁😅😂

  18. PrincessTS01 says:

    someone will need to put a tesla motor in aston marton's classic junk

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