TESTED: TaylorMade P790 irons (2023) vs the competition

TG Test Pro Neil Wain and Equipment Ed Simon Daddow test and compare the new TaylorMade P790 (2023) irons. We explain …


7 Replies to “TESTED: TaylorMade P790 irons (2023) vs the competition”

  1. Really good review Simon and Neil…thank you. I currently play to a 9 handicap and am looking for new set of irons. I'll try the TM P790s when they become available. Also looking at the Cobra Forged Tec — which are priced a little more competitively. Have you guys tested the Cobras? If so, how do they compare to the P790s?

  2. C Huzz says:

    You start off by saying you’ve fitted these between scratch and 20 handicap and finish by saying “possibly” people up to a 12 or 14 handicap could play them as long as a reasonable ball striker?? Strange.

  3. One of the best golf review channels around. Thnx

  4. Paul McGee says:

    Ping wins for me here! 🎉

  5. Omar Farid says:

    Was wondering how would it stack against the Apex Pros?

  6. Jasper says:

    still wondering which to pull between the Stealth or the P790s. The data, from most places dictates that they are plus or minus, still fall within same range. Good point about paradym that it might just be gone from the face of the earth in years to come and I fear the same for stealth.

  7. brian martin says:

    Great review as always, wonder would you include JPX923 forged irons in the same players distance category? Or compare them like for like? I moved out of the old 790 into the JPX forged, same ball speeds, in a slightly smaller head profile.

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