Testing The ALL-NEW 2023 P·790 Irons | TaylorMade Golf

The all-new TaylorMade P·790 Irons are here. They’re beautiful on the outside, but their true beauty lies within. Every iron has been AI-optimized to have its own unique internal design, so the long irons offer better launch and playability, while the scoring clubs are dialed to give you more control. It all adds up to create a perfect blend of consistency, distance and forgiveness. Learn more about them here: https://tmgolf.co/IG2023P790


34 Replies to “Testing The ALL-NEW 2023 P·790 Irons | TaylorMade Golf”

  1. BCHIKA-F says:

    anyone tell me the shaft he using? doesn't look like steel.

  2. John Diaz says:

    I'm a poor new golfer, I could only imagine how sweet these feel. One day.

  3. Chase Freund says:

    Best part about these is that the 2021s will drop in price haha

  4. Lol. I still have a set of forged CB Bridgestone irons in play. They were talking about CG 18 years ago.

  5. golfaddict says:

    I am currently playing the STEALTH irons….my handicap this year is around 6-8…..I like the forgiveness but am wondering if you think the P-790 would be good for my game or if i am good enough to play them….i love the look of the P-790… would be looking to get 5-PW , AW with 1 degree up and midsize grips and prefer the graphite shafts…thx…cheers from Canada

  6. Man, I'd love to go to the kingdom and get a fitting, shame you have to be invited.

  7. Hooded Cobra says:

    clubs might look different but you will hit it the same as last Gen and then ones before it.

  8. What shaft are on those clubs? They look like granite shafts.

  9. iamen73 says:

    What shaft we using trott?

  10. Jim Dearman says:

    these look mint I think they'll be a front runner when I get fitted soon

  11. Guys, so overpriced it's not funny.

  12. Trottie breaking it down! LOVE my P790s ('21 edition) and look forward to testing these! But how about Trotties kicks??!!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  13. Ryan McMahon says:

    Why would the weight in the 7 iron be more in the toe than the 3 iron?

  14. Kevyn Keo says:

    need to preorder asap!! need new set now.

  15. Jacobel X says:

    The most beautiful TM irons rank
    1st – 2021 P790
    2nd – 2020 P770
    3rd – 2023 P770

  16. Jindabyne says:

    Think you have sold me Trottie, great looking iron

  17. I love that putter cover,is that available for purchase in australia??

  18. Taylor Lewis says:

    i want soooooo bad taylor is my name lol and taylor made r my favorite i just bought a new driver for 100 bucks the taylor made rbz all i can afford i would kill for some nice irons

  19. Tommy Eden says:

    Got fitted for these today, i was blown away with the consistency and dispersion. I knew they would fly, but I was shocked at how much control they had. I am just hoping the scoring irons aren't out of wack. Nice intro though, this matched what I was seeing in the hitting bay and so it's nice to see it confirmed off the grass.

  20. Are we also getting new 790 UDI in the near future?

  21. Apple marketing just joined the team i see

  22. John Wagner says:

    Are those graphite shafts in those irons.hes using?

  23. Golf Nut says:

    I’ve gamed a set of P790s and tee to green they’re great. Around the green is where I struggled. The hotness off the face made it hard for me to judge chips and pitches. Interested to hear other’s experiences.

  24. Jan Tunalv says:

    Next season. Should be easy selling my P770. I need all the help I can get. And I already have a history with 790 having played them for 2 years – the black version! Great iron.

  25. Tman says:

    which would you recommend. im a 1 handicap. debating between 770 or 790s. i'm 45 yrs old. i drive the ball 280ish and my 7 iron is 170'ish yards (granted on some pretty weak lofted bridgestone J36 muscle back irons) . think the 790s is too much of a "helping club"
    for my game…or can handle the 770's for about 5 yrs until my next set?

  26. Alex B says:

    What’s going on with the Milled grind 4?? Thought those were out today as well..

  27. Tried the Stealth and P790 at a test day at our club in July, favored the P790. Then the TM rep pulled out the new P790 from "under the counter", and it was special. Can't wait to September.

  28. C Jackson says:

    I really want to like these but they dont suit my eye….its like they need to be a bit slimmer and sharper they look abit soft and chubby for me. Ive played blades my whole life so maybe thats why they look that way to me. Im sure there fantastic and great to hit but i like something thats more lean and smaller

  29. TheDomain16 says:

    I love Taylormade, have a Stealth driver, P770s and P7MBs but 99% of golfers won't be able to tell the difference in any of the 2023 "New" irons. We need changes.

  30. KMurf says:

    Chris swing looks effortless, nice job! Thanks

  31. So, the 7 iron has about a 175 carry , and the 4 about a 195 carry… Houston, we have a problem

  32. Tokin says:

    Got fitted last Sunday for these, can’t wait for them to actually get here

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