Testing The ALL-NEW 2023 P·790 Irons

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The all-new TaylorMade P·790 Irons are here. They’re beautiful on the outside, but their true beauty lies within. Every iron has been AI-optimized to have its own unique internal design, so the long irons offer better launch and playability, while the scoring clubs are dialed to give you more control. It all adds up to create a perfect blend of consistency, distance and forgiveness.


3 Replies to “Testing The ALL-NEW 2023 P·790 Irons”

  1. As good as these look, the 2021 edition will forever have my heart

  2. Can't wait to buy these in 4 years when theyre finally on sale 🤡

  3. Owen Sillars says:

    These clubs look incredible! 😍😍

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