Testing the Garmin Approach R10 Golf Launch Monitor – why I like it

Can I still improve my golf? In this clip I show the main features of the Garmin R10 launch monitor and show first impressions and results using a wiffle ball and a normal golf ball, both with a sand wedge. //
0:00 Start;
0:53 why did I buy the R10?;
2:23 what’s in the box;
3:35 set-up, selection of club;
8:49 results and analysis of chip shot with real golf ball;
11:12 results and analysis of shot with wiffle ball;
13:42 next steps.

Hi – I’m Gregor Heinrich. Welcome to my “Golf & Tesla” channel.
his YouTube channel is designed to give you an overview of golf courses I have played on, course VLOGs, occasional equipment reviews or a few drone images from travel destinations (most of my travel related videos are now at https://www.youtube.com/@gregorscapades).
As to “Tesla”: you can also see some reports on my Tesla, and Supercharger stations I come across.
For both the golf courses as well as the Supercharger reviews I often use a DJI Mavic drone.
So if you are neither a fan of golf nor of Tesla, you can still enjoy the playlist “drone footage” on my channel or go directly to https://www.youtube.com/@gregorscapades.
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  1. Thank you! Interessting your fazit!

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