Testing The Most Controversial Disc Manufacturer On The Market || Is Their Sponsorship A Scam??

Lone Star Discs is one of the newest and most controversial disc manufactures in all of disc golf. So what happened? Are their discs any good? And what does it mean to be sponosered? 9 holes with only lone star discs at crockett park.

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16 Replies to “Testing The Most Controversial Disc Manufacturer On The Market || Is Their Sponsorship A Scam??”

  1. Ian Lundgren says:

    The harpoon is god tier

  2. I'm on the Ranger Team. I got everything I was promised. The huge influx of team members left the store completely out of stock for a while. I ordered most of my discs from different sites. I'm completely satisfied with the discs, the plastics are amazing. I get all the support from Lone Star and the Community I need. Their YouTube content is amazing. It was a great marketing plan on their side, I can't be mad about that. Even the Pro's are responsive and supportive. It's a great company!

  3. Lone Star: The grab your bootstraps sponsorship.

  4. Garet Rose says:

    As someone who is on the Ranger Team and works with the guys there at Lone Star. I can say that these guys are some of the nicest people I’ve worked with. I think people fail to realize the scope of what the ranger team is and therefore get offended. It got out of hand and the owners had to be honest with all of us in regards to the x-outs. It’s not that they’re trying to belittle us. It’s was because soooo many people were complaining and talking negatively about the company that gave them the discounts and the allotments. People need to remember that the ranger team is the “weekend warrior” team and this is still a business and have to make business decisions.

  5. KBone295 says:

    Ya there probably is they are in over there head with the am sponsorship . Then they failed to deliver what they promised. It’s not the players fault they’ve changed things in the sponsorship. You seem to be tying to blame the am that got sponsored . If they would have given what they promised I don’t think it would have been a problem.

  6. lol the dirty lens, once you see it, you can't unsee it. first time viewer here and hard to take you serious

  7. Thomas Rush says:

    If you got to look at the contract it breaks out what they will receive very clearly i think its like 4or 5 discs and shirt/year, a 50%off code for 1 order and an ongoing discount code. To be sub 900 rated your not going to get those kind of opportunities with prodigy or innova or discraft. And if you have kids Lonestar is one of the best they give free entry to their flexs(still give them payout) and have donated a ton to the junior programs around the Houston Texas area

  8. The mockingbird is phenomenal

  9. tdwester says:

    Lone star wanted to make a splash in a very competitive market. They really did accomplish that with the “sponsorships”. They have added so many molds in such a short time.

    If you look and there main business they can afford to lose money on the disc golf side while increasing there exposure. The only bad publicity is not being talked about.

  10. Luke Johnson says:

    5:30 foot fault. (I’m kidding)

  11. Ben Gladding says:

    I guess people didn't read their contracts? This is hilarious.

  12. Just to admit my bias up front: I live close to Lone Star Disc, I know several people across their teams, and have done a few videos with their products already. That said, I've never been sponsored or affiliated with them per se.

    That said, the Lone Star Ranger team is similar to other teams like the Prodigy Street team, Discraft Underground, DD Ambassadors, etc. Also it's common for these teams to receive X-outs, factory seconds, misprints, either outright or at a discount. I just think that there was a bit of a shock that a new company that started making discs in 2020 suddenly had 600 Ranger Team slots open, and they quickly filled them. The Ranger team was just a larger team with lower minimums to get in, and lower benefits, but people can work their way up to higher profile teams with more benefits and rewards.

    Lastly, the vast majority of these people don't really have a social media presence, and are generally locals in different areas, playing tournaments, etc. There is a fair bit of prestige with Lone Star in Texas, and a lot of people jumped in on the chance to be a sponsored player. But as you said, I do think there were some heightened expectations by some, and from the outside this can look bad, but it seems fairly similar to what other companies do. I think this experience was new to a lot of people, possibly including some who worked at Lone Star, but I think everyone has been trying to do things on the up-and-up here.

  13. Clayton Rowe says:

    My biggest issue with lonestar is actually their partner, Hooligan discs. The hooligan logo is a straight up copy of another company called hoonigan.

    I draw the line at blatant plagarism. I live down the road from Lonestar, but i wont ever buy a disc from them.

  14. Danny says:

    I agree with you and believe the "sponsorship" arrangement was a mix of clever and flawed decision-making. It was clever due to the cost-effective exposure gained through diverse advertising channels/social media. However, it was flawed as it seemed to create misconceptions, with many assuming the sponsorship indicated they were good players. We had a guy in our tag group who got this "sponsorship" and it immediately inflated his ego. This is where the skepticism towards the company started, because this guy wasn't even THAT GOOD.

    Side note: That guy mentioned receiving a one-time 50% discount and a subsequent 20% discount on all purchases. In return, they were required to promote Lone Star on their social media 3 times a week.

  15. Gettng Sponsored by LSD has been best for me.They sponsored my 14 year old son & sent him 10 discs, shirt, bag…all for free. Nimitz, Dos XX, Lariat, Walker, Harpoon, Guadalupe, Texas Ranger are my favorites. After getting sponsored, it's saved me so much money because I quit buying hot disc of the month.It's simplified my game & gave me greater insight into my overall disc golf Game. Bravo & Glow Molds are the best blends. The entire lineup is great.The marketing from Lone Star is pure genuis as Founders, Junior & Pro Teams get convential sponsorship. My 150 Sub Giveway has plethera of Amazing LSD shots & the LSD plastic always finds chains.

  16. Your info is pretty spot on (at least at a few minutes in)

    Their discs aren’t bad, it’s just they’re decision making and sponsorships that make them feel scummy

    – It first started with signing nikko after getting kicked off of clash (a year ago now)
    – then signing Emerson Keith, who has a reputation of whining and being unsportsmanlike (not too sure abt this one)
    – then they signed hundreds of ~900 rated ams on this “deal” (which is mentioned in vid, this is one turned me off from them)

    Mad cat flight numbers are 9/5/0/2 but seems to fly more os (between thunderbird and firebird I think)

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