TGW Tests the Best Premium Golf Balls of 2023

Selecting the right golf ball for your game includes a lot of facts. At TGW, we made it easier on you. With the help of TGW Master Fitter and product expert Rick Hatfield, we compared the best premium golf balls of 2023 so you can select the right one for your game, no matter what type of performance you’re looking for. See the results:


12 Replies to “TGW Tests the Best Premium Golf Balls of 2023”

  1. Excellent review and informative. I have been playing golf for over 50 years. Personally I like the Callaway Supersoft. Distance, spin response, control and durability. However, everyone has their preference.

  2. James Simms says:

    Shocked you did not review the Snell. You get paid by the big guys to do their bidding?

  3. I feel like something is wrong lol, especially in the driver category.

  4. Blake G. says:

    Great review, but I'm more confused now than ever 😂

  5. Ross Lillebo says:

    Would loved to have had the Z Star Diamond added to this test to get a better feel where it slots in. I'm about to test it with Chrome Soft X LS against Pro V1x. Bridgestone would have been a good add as well.

  6. Great video thx 👍🏼⛳️

  7. Rick Zamora says:

    For those asking why Bridgestone wasn't included. "TGW's most popular Premium type of golf balls", I'm not saying Bridgestone isn't a Premium golf ball but based on his statement, maybe not one of TGW's most popular Premium golf balls?

  8. smoggy633 says:

    Biast, where's bridgestone, try again. 👎

  9. jmac_619 says:

    Super surprising to include Srixon and not Bridgestone Tour B XS and B X. Switched over to B XS from ProV's a couple years ago and won't be looking back. Incredible control with spin and the feeling off the wedges and putter face is absolute money.

  10. Jason Kinger says:

    Should've included Bridgestone!

  11. Everyone worships the Pro v1 golf balls but they look pretty mediocre to me, Callaway seems to have the best selection overall. I always get a kick out of guys who refuse to play anything other than a Pro v1 and they claim it's amazing and yet they can't break 90 lol

  12. Nico says:

    Great review thank you. TP5 looks like a winner for me . Keep up the great stuff

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