The 151st Open Championship Preview Film

Open by name, open by nature. A hotly contested battle for the Claret Jug is an annual guarantee but a combination of conditions and course changes are a recipe for a particularly intriguing contest this year.

Often, a look at the history books can provide a valuable guide but that may not be the case here. Royal Liverpool has hosted The Open twice since the turn of the century, with Tiger Woods’ victory in 2006 coming on baked fairways which rain has prevented this time around and Rory McIlroy’s 2014 triumph arriving before the much-discussed alterations to the back nine.

Those have made drama appear all but guaranteed on the final Sunday, with no lead safe if the wind picks up on the 17th tee.

The elements will only serve to heighten the unpredictability, with rain, wind and sunshine all expected to add to the truest of tests which only links golf can provide. It’s time to strap in for the ride.


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22 Replies to “The 151st Open Championship Preview Film”

  1. Lisa Sharp says:

    why is that cheat reed playing should be kicked off every tour

  2. Good luck to all the Aussies..👌😁⛳️🇦🇺🦘

  3. B H says:

    Hasn’t Woods won 16 majors?

  4. Brian Harris says:

    12 years ago?🤔

  5. Gimme Phil the Thrill for #7 at 53

  6. Chris Snape says:

    Its not the oldest unless St. Andrews doesn't count ?

  7. Matt Dieck says:

    watch out for HIM woo lee… you all have been warned.

  8. Jim Iverson says:

    Once again, one of these films omits Walter Hagen from the list of previous winners at Hoylake. You'd think a 4-time Open winner and 11-time major winner would be a notable.

  9. Nate says:

    really cool video

  10. Gramkan says:

    This channel has been killing it with content 👍🏽

  11. Rory is too preoccupied being #Rory
    9 years of social media has taken its toll.
    Ryder Cup, Olympics, Management, Caroline, Trump, LIV,
    he has an opinion on everything and he hasn't been right yet.

  12. Kiwi Veritas says:

    Dustin's turn this time.

  13. JustVideos says:

    Let's go Brooks! Get that 6 pack

  14. Joesatgolf says:

    Matthew is a name that enjoys the Kingdom. He dances and plays music on the foundation of Good. He helps build the Kingdom so he can have moments of happiness and glory

  15. Adam C says:

    Feel bad for Pogacar today, he will be back!!

  16. Arron Lorenz says:

    Really sucks the LIV golfers will be there.

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