The Best Disc Golf Throws of 2021!

We here at JustDisc love watching disc golf together, and this year in 2021, we’ve truly seen some incredible throws that have brought the professional game to a higher level. We’ve seen new lines and new distances that we’ve never thought possible and truthfully, the sport has never looked better!

Now, considering the 2021-disc golf year is coming to a close, we figured it was a great opportunity to give you our Top 50 Professional Throws of 2021 from the MPO division.

Please remember that these top throws were chosen based on our opinion, so opinions on what should have been included will greatly vary.

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DISCLAIMER – We do not personally own any of the footage; it solely belongs to the great channels listed above. Refer to the “Fair Use Copyright Act” which allows for “Transformative” use of content and works of commentary, criticism, research, teaching, or news reporting.


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48 Replies to “The Best Disc Golf Throws of 2021!”

  1. no. 1 was kinda boring

  2. JustDisc says:

    Don't Miss – The Best Disc Golf Throws of 2022! –

  3. Ulibarri’s albatross is one of my favorite throws I’ve ever seen

  4. Trey Proper says:

    Skip to 1:09 for the action 👍

  5. Lars says:

    Vraiment cool! Merci!

  6. I'm nothing special just starting this year but I play every weekend and always trying different courses

  7. Adam Borst says:

    #25's Roller was awesome to watch

  8. FH says:

    pretty low shot variation compared to golf

  9. chefdsal1 says:

    A little tip. Don’t play music over the highlights. We play disc to hear the chains bang and the crowd “Ahh” I don’t wanna hear some cheese ball music instead.

  10. They say anyone can do this and alot of it is luck.. this is true, anyone can do this and luck sometimes is a factor.. issues is.. luck doesn't explain why there are so many repeat champions.

  11. Great video, but Kevin's slip ace was in 2020, not 2021

  12. arealvu says:

    Are any of these going to go in the goal?

  13. I think Kev's ace was better than Conrad's throw in but the moment was clutch.

  14. I agree with #1 and #2, but putting Charlie’s ace at #6 seems biased lol.

  15. xzysyndrome says:

    I filled my bag with everything the Pro's are throwing. I am not a Pro yet and my score still sucks????? What gives? I am starting to think it is not the Disc…

  16. Would it be possible to do with the original audio vs music? Love the compilation

  17. Niko Swans says:

    Awesome list. Super fun. Anthony Barela rolled a 747 foot hole and made the 50 ft eagle putt at the memorial.

  18. Erik Godau says:

    #2 is the best ace I've ever seen.

  19. First time watching this sport, can anyone tell me why is the #1 so impresive? I mean, there are lots of shots more impresive in this video

  20. Where was Dickerson’s Idlewild Stoic Ace?

  21. The Holy Shot was undoubtedly the most important shot of the year. But that's the only reason it deserves #1. Eagle's 700ft park job was by far the most impressive thing I saw all season and would be #1 on my list.

  22. Diggin Daddy says:

    I love watching highlight shots, but the background music doesn’t work. It takes away from how great these shots are. Hearing the commentators in amazement as these shots happen is like living it all over again. That adds to the viewing pleasure in a way that editing music to the background doesn’t do….. Just a thought …. I’m sure I’m not alone. Great collection of shots though!

  23. James Conrad is a Bad Dude!

  24. Great content and subbed!!

  25. Number 2 has a much lower percentage to happen. I know it happens but the classic slip n slide ace in the hole is pretty special.

  26. Don't get the kind of "rating". Imho best is a word to discribe something nobody did or could have achieved. And for that #23 (Eagles Forehand over that fence) has to be way higher. Sure his rollers and especially his 700ft parkjob are insane, but there are guys on tour that could match him at that. Aces and parkjobs on 300 to 400 ft holes are not that great in comparison

  27. Caio Grandi says:

    Austin Hannum cannon ace

  28. What about Anthony Barela's roller around the mando? Forget what tournament that was but it was insane!

  29. #6 seemed kind of run of the mill ace. All aces are exciting, but pretty straight forward hole. Maybe was clutch to win the tournament?

  30. Jon Reid says:

    Kastaplast Top 10! Let's goooooo

  31. Jon Reid says:

    When eagle's throw at #10 you know it's a good year. Holy smokes

  32. Jon Reid says:

    The Belton Open was so underrated. Ricky really showed he's back with a vengeance that tournament.

  33. James Conrad's throw in still gives me goosebumps when I watch it.

  34. Austin hannum side arm 400+ woods ace. Awesome.

  35. Fun to watch! I can't think of the tournament, but I know Corey Ellis has some amazing drives that deserved to be included in this video. He birdied the hole every round, which was considered unheard of.

  36. MartinSZN says:

    Yo next time you make one of these can you just play the actual audio so we can here reactions thanks 🤙🏽

  37. Talzi says:

    Crazy how there is zero non-american players who made this list. Apparently everyone else sucks ass.

  38. I just stumbled across disk golf……. WOW

  39. Mason Ford’s drive at hole 18 at the Music City Open finals should have been included. It was the shot of the young guy’s career.

    Being tied with Wysocki at the last hole of the finals means you must put it close. And boy he almost aced it…

  40. Joe Cavender says:

    Am I the only one wondering where #6 came from? Umm…ya…no.
    Pretty sure Austin’s forehand would have been better for that slot.

  41. Dubz says:

    I wonder what number ones is?

  42. Sal Orsino says:

    Why is this music triggering my "Hey Google" all the time

  43. Palmetto says:

    These are the top 50 MPO shots, there were plenty of amazing FPO shots that should've made the list. Great video tho!

  44. Amazing video! Thanks so much for the shoutout and #3 Lets GOO!!!!

  45. Great video! Brings back so many memories of this amazing and unforgettable 2021 season🥲

  46. Move Eagle's #10 spot up to #2. Except that I think your list is spot on!

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