The BEST Distance Drivers in DISC GOLF!

Yes, I decided that I’d have my messy garage as my backdrop.

All these content creators and influencers wanna act like they DON’T have a crap of junk all over a space they occupy. I think it’s fine to share the chaotic space that is my garage as my chat spot with my Par Pals! šŸ« šŸ„° Adds character! šŸ˜šŸ˜†

I love my high speed, light weight, distance drivers. These are 3 of my new ones that are must haves for me:

1) Innova Katana – Blizzard Champion plastic makes it super light weight
2) Innova CORVETTE – Champion plastic, light weight
3) Infinite Maya – light weight, metal flake, C line GLOW.

Honorable mention:
My new fairway driver, the Mint Disc Jackalope, to replace the one I lost for my short distance ace runs!

The best part of this video is that, as I’m wrapping up the Maya, someone hit me back that they found my Shryke! lol! I got pretty excited and I’m gonna pick it up Monday at Zilker Park here in Austin. Yaaaas! I was just starting to love the straight flight of that thing and lost it in a TON of tall grass.

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