The Best Golf Warmup Ever (Only Takes 3 Minutes!)

If you show up to the course before your time time and all you do is hit balls, you are doing it wrong! Skipping a good golf specific warm up is costing you strokes and messing up the first few holes of your round. Warming up before your round doesn’t have to be a time consuming ordeal. In this week’s video I will be showing you the quickest golf warmup ever! Three minutes is all you need to prepare your body for the best rounds of your life! Guaranteed!

Part 1 – Golf Dynamic Stretches
Hip Flexor Stretch
Lat Stretch
Chest Stretch

Part 2 – Sequence Prep
Staggered Stance Torso Rotations
Long Turns

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13 Replies to “The Best Golf Warmup Ever (Only Takes 3 Minutes!)”

  1. Wade Ray says:

    Interesting my broken body could handle them i think😍

  2. I often have a slow and ugly start to my rounds, plus I'm often in a rush. So 3 minutes of stretching like this is definitely what I need.

  3. Curt Hill says:

    Just discovered these. Like what you're doing – seems very straightforward and uncomplicated. Thanks- I subscribed to your channel.

  4. Michael keys says:

    So we shouldn’t warm up with a few brewski’s?

  5. Craig Clark says:

    Love this video just what I need thank you so much.

  6. Ryan Kuamr says:

    Dose carts have fans😶

  7. Hi Carolina. Simple fantastic stuff. I was wondering before you start your dynamic stretching, do you do any cardio at all, ie. walking, to prepare your body for these stretches. Now what about the driving range too! Where do you fit this in when showing up to play golf. I thought Cardio 1st, easy stretching(10 -15 secs), certain major muscles and then dynamic stretching and then driving range or if no time start golf game. Any comment and thank you so much for all your information. Richard

  8. dum doger says:

    i'm so unfit that i'm starting to feel tired after this.

  9. Love that this takes just 3 minutes! Thanks!

  10. Neil says:

    Her chest stretches are nice

  11. Robert Nava says:

    Great stretches to use at the turn for those of us that may get tight during a round as well

  12. Nicky Lemons says:

    The fitgolfergirl is so pretty! 😍 And she helps me with my golf game! Great video!!!

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