The Best Online Golf Fitness Program: The Par Project

The best golf fitness group in the nation! Each group has custom programs created for all phases in the golf season. Each phase is dedicated to help with some, or all of the following components: physical development, movement patterns, mobility, stability, strength, power, and speed. Connect with one another, compete against one another, and join the best golf fitness group in the nation! As a thank you for subscribing, hit the link for a free program! Hit one of the other links to join one of the groups!
Junior Aspire: 10-14 yrs old
Junior Elite: 15-20 yrs old
Young Executive: 21-35 yrs old
At The Turn: 36-54 yrs old
Over The Hill: 55+ yrs old

Socials & Websites:
IG: @theparprojectgfg
IG: @oakperformanceusa
IG: @synergy_hp


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