The Best Putting Tip Ever! (No Joke – Try It)

If you’re looking for the best putting tip ever you’ve found it. This is no joke. I used to be a phenomenal putter. This was from practicing my putting a minimum 1 hour at the course and up to another 3 hours at home on indoors on the carpet into an indoor putting cup I called the Puttacup.

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Everyone loses their putting at one time or another. If you’re not making putts, you start thinking about your stroke. Thinking about your stroke is the worst thing you can possibly do. In order to become a great putter, you need to be target oriented. This is the best putting tip that’s going to allow you to do just that. Don’t believe me? Try it.

I know it can be frustrating when you aren’t putting your best but don’t worry. Now that you’ve found the best putting tip ever, you can watch it and go back to it in the future if you ever lose it again.

I thought of this putting drill many years ago and it has been tested on many golfers with them all saying it works great and helped them start putting great again. So give what I call the best putting tip a try. Once you do, leave your comment below so I can prove that becoming target oriented is the way to become a great putter.

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38 Replies to “The Best Putting Tip Ever! (No Joke – Try It)”

  1. roy smith says:

    I sank 46 in a row on mars from the moon. No charge, just use a gravity 434 putter with anti gravitational diodes attached to the multi pots.

  2. Tim - says:

    Love it. going to try it tomorrow

  3. Tony Forrest says:

    you may have some valid information to share but you and your video is presented in a very annoying matter…sorry to say but true.

  4. John says:

    Tried the wiggle today and to my surprise my putting specifically distance control was improved for long putts. People on the putting green were staring becuase I just laughed out loud . I was laughing because all the wasted time I’ve spent worrying about keeping my putter in a straight line in my take away.

  5. Dale Parker says:

    Hey, Paul….Dale Parker….Great tip….I plan to try it right away. Hope you're doing well!

  6. J Du44 says:

    Thank you for the great tip ! I haven’t made more putts or gotten more putts closer than I did in my last round after watching this video. Priceless wisdom once again 🙏

  7. Betsy Turner says:

    You are The Best coach Ever!! I have Loved your teaching since the first video I watched! This video, I must say that I was skeptical- BUT you said it would work so I believed you and I tried it and By Golly you are Absolutely Right! (Of course you are). I played 2 days in a row with 90% 2 putts AND an occasional 1 putt! I Made my husband watch your video and he tried it and he said “I’m a convert “. I had been struggling with my putting lately- but no more! Thank You, Paul! No one teaches like you do ❤️

  8. r lake says:

    This is so silly but it works. 😅

  9. A2Z says:

    He must have uneven floors , or perfectly level greens

  10. David Hinton says:

    I did a little mini test of this on a indoor putting mat and a Putt-Out cup, didn’t miss a one and even got it to “stick” in the micro cup. I was laughing to myself after a few minutes. The putter face doesn’t lie!

  11. T Dave Pugh says:

    Great tip! You are spot on. Huge improvement in my putting! Thank you!

  12. barry cole says:

    hi this is really good, tried this indoors and on a putting green, results were astounding.
    thanks, ps dont want to share with my playing partners. Barry norwich uk

  13. Marc Wagoner says:

    Is this a drill to use more for pre round purpose or take it to the course also?

  14. I’ll try it.
    I trust you.

  15. Is this drill geared towards getting direction or distance under better control? I don't have a problem with direction. Most of my puts are on line, but my speed judgement is not good.

  16. I think the 'Boss of the Moss' – Loren Roberts used to 'blurr' his eyes as he took the putter back which is probably a similar phenomenon to this

  17. I never heard the tip. After over two minutes of this guy telling me how great he is I clicked off.

  18. For sure tried this yesterday made a 40 foot putt and so many par saves can’t remember! The system works no swing thoughts at all except my target which was the size of a ball in my head not even cup size

  19. My English is not so good, therefore I am asking some question: do you this wiggle only when practising or on the round as well ? Where are you looking when putting ? In the video it seems you look to the ball, do you hit to a certain point on the putting line or is it just your good feeling where to put ?

  20. Owen Davies says:

    Freakish. The brain just takes over and makes the necessary adjustments. Would not have believed this could work; now a total convert. Thanks Paul.

  21. Shiv Mohan says:

    Hi Paul
    Grateful if you do a video on the chipping fundamentals please. Cheers

  22. Scheffler could use it

  23. Mike Warnick says:

    So let me get this straight, do the wiggle during practice; while on the practice green or at home. Then, no wiggle (normal stroke, whatever that is for me) during the round? Or should we actually bring the wiggle into the round, for every putt? @paulwilsongolf

  24. I went out and I tried this today. I am amazed at how accurate this is. I find out the shorter pets I need to wigle it around much less, but it is still better than trying to control the club head through the backswing in the forward swing. Thank you very much!

  25. Jim Bailey says:

    Just so I'm clear on this — you practice the wiggle, but you use your normal straight stroke when playing, correct?

  26. Mark Domingo says:

    Are you supposed to ur eyes on the balll through contact or look up at the target before impact?

  27. Carlos Smith says:

    That wiggle is something that I always fight against and my putt is no good. I will try it. Thanks!

  28. graham jones says:

    Great video, people say im a good putter,here is my top tip,yes target is important but so is pace!
    You have to connect your brain/instinct to the pace/roll of the ball.
    Easy version is to hold your follow through and watch/connect to the roll of the ball.Thats it! sure like most i show that to on putting green you will ignore/dont get it as its so simple!

  29. John Conklin says:

    I will give this a try for sure. A question if you don’t mind. What is your favorite putter? First time I found you on YT. Thank you for sharing.

  30. Trying to understand the logic behind this. My guess is the wiggle will distract you from obsessive thinking about takeaway. Provide feeling in the hands for distance control. Because the takeaway wasn’t conventional, the focus to square the putter blade is enhanced.

  31. Kari Haajamo says:

    The demo was impressive👍

  32. Ron_Google says:

    Wow, that is a BIG promise, so it must work. Very interesting new concept for sure. But not quite clear how I set up during this drrill for an aim point; before? or while wiggling? i.e. is it enough that peripheral vision finds the target line or it just happens? Confused. Thanks Paul.

  33. I discovered the idea of focusing on the target after I changed to "head-up" putting advocated by Dr Sasha Mackenzie. I guess the wiggle drill confirms what he found in his experiments: that the inaccuracy in contact is not significant compared to what you gain in direction and speed control when you focus on the target.

  34. Jordan says:

    the wiggle part helped me, but it also helped me realize that I focus too much on lining up correctly and getting the path right that I just push or pull all my putts. This just helps me pick my line, get up to the ball, and just putt. This will take some time to adjust on the course, but during practice I definitely see and feel a difference.

  35. Larry Jonak says:

    I played in my golf league tonight and was eager to try the putting tip. I watched the video twice and followed the instructions. The practice putts using the wiggle were not good. Evaluating after the round I would say the tip did not work for me. I made one four foot putt barely rolled in the side. I had 18 putts in 9 holes which is about my average. I will keep trying but I think my sub conscious is too smart to be fooled by a drill.

  36. Paul are you saying do this during practice only or even when playing I'm in shock lol .btw I often hook my putts to the left during practice bit not as bad during play…I can't wait to try this

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