The BS Show 05/09/2023

17 Replies to “The BS Show 05/09/2023”

  1. Benny Omega says:

    Ray devito has bodies buried somewhere.


  2. Swab Levy says:

    Wait, Barry isn't Bob's "Chipperson" character, I thought Barry was Bob with glasses

  3. RRnot says:

    Bob you ❤ cigarettes 😅

  4. I know Bob had to let Shuli use his butter straw while he was at his house

  5. John Correia says:

    You guys are definitely finding your stride…. The luggage comment about Barry from shuli. Had me laughing out loud 😂😂😂

  6. jmorrow6406 says:

    Throat, Ears, and Nose is my favorite to listen too.

  7. marz says:

    Barry Ribs should have a comedy special called "Ribbed For Her Pleasure"

  8. jmorrow6406 says:

    My screen or Bob's hair green again??

  9. Happy Dayz says:

    I’m pretty sure Ray’s going to get mugged soon. Riding his bike wasted dressed like one of the bad news bears late at night.

  10. ReadIlium says:

    Joe seems to think that streamyard is some exclusive program only available to hacks, not that literally anyone can have a stream that looks like complete shit.

  11. Meghan says:

    Mike in drag will not be funny. The only thing funny about it w the Mike and Lenny bit was going to be Lenny’s reaction. It failed fast when Lenny hung up. Just talk to each other. You 3 play off of each other very well. You HAVE to give your audience a disclaimer and backstory when referring to 14 other outside feuds and podcasts you are involved with.

  12. Bluetooth says:

    Easy Joe, these are incredible sensitive times. Your contributions lately Joe have been very unnecessary and not needed.

  13. Scooter G says:

    Joe the all mighty looking down his nose. Great guy. I wish him well.

  14. In this episode we learned that bob keeps a bottle of lotion next to his computer

  15. Jason Hughes says:

    Why the 5 minute interlude? It's dumb

  16. Accused of being an unfunny dewsh, Morse goes straight to "He's a child molester!"
    Way to prove Blinky Jedi right, you zilch.

  17. isnt it time in this day and age to get a cardiff mask made instead of abusing good ole spidey?

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