The Cheat Codes | How to Play Golf ⛳️

ANYONE can do this! Find out how to drastically speed up the time it takes to get good at golf. From pre-shot routine to developing a swing, don’t waste your time and effort on all the wrong things. Golf doesn’t have to be hard. for more info

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0:00 Putting
1:21 Chipping
3:25 Pitching
4:27 Full Swing
7:09 Driver
8:54 Stop Hitting it Fat and Thin
10:48 Course Management
12:19 Bunkers (Greenside and Fairway)
14:40 YUS Golf Coming Soon!

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3 Replies to “The Cheat Codes | How to Play Golf ⛳️”

  1. Iain P says:

    Absolutely love the simplicity of the instruction here , communication is key , some coaches get too technically detailed for me to enjoy , Kristin is awesome !

  2. Levi Billet says:

    This one is awesome 🤓 Thank you so much for sharing your expertise. You covered a lot heck probably everything or at least it seems like you covered everything. I really enjoy all your videos. The alignment aid and hitting it right side of the stick, explaining how it should feel to swing the wood and driver, the short game tips. All very useful and I'm gonna practice it. Thank you 🤓

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