THE COURSE THAT BROKE ME – Fantasy Course Of The Week #41 | PGA TOUR 2K23 Gameplay

Course Name: Mount Wanahakaloogie. Can I tame the course that broke me in 2K21?
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24 Replies to “THE COURSE THAT BROKE ME – Fantasy Course Of The Week #41 | PGA TOUR 2K23 Gameplay”

  1. C Connell says:

    Been a while since I’ve watched. This was fun watching. “Talk dirty to me” 😂

  2. I change the setting to dawn, and that worked. The grid was more visible.

  3. Been here since the beginning, love seeing the channel grow and how far you've come. You continue to get funnier. Love it

  4. Why don’t you play legend like a man

  5. Brian Miles says:

    Seriously apex why are you still playing this crap? I want to know!!!

  6. Chris Smith says:

    Future recommendation for you on a course I stumbled across a while ago. Check out Firelands Canyon for a cool desert canyon experience that plays really well!

  7. Brian Miles says:

    Apex why are you still playing this crap? I’m guessing 2k are paying you to promote this embarrassment of a game!!!!

  8. David Miller says:

    Another absolute banger

  9. Harlfcab says:

    Not sure where/how to DM but I'd be dead keen to get involved in a tournament!

  10. Mick Rogers says:

    I got to -4 then ended up +11 🤪

  11. J P says:

    i love when indie makes a surprise appearance

  12. brotha you need to start working out if using a wheel on a video game makes you tired 😂

  13. Taylor vany says:

    play ea sports pga only

  14. Kyle Coultas says:

    Name is a reference from Finding Nemo.

  15. Ryan Jackson says:

    2k needs to add different color scheme options for the green grids… whether it be a color blind option for users and/or colors for course creators. It's tough for me to see it at all on a course like this but also it's sometimes too bright like on that Finau Fresh course I believe.

  16. Lukas Hjelm says:

    How to join ur discord?

  17. Beau Haygood says:

    Definitely yes on the fantasy tournament. I probably don't have time to participate, but I'll gladly watch.

  18. Rossbrian1 says:

    I only watch the fantasy courses , crazier the better

  19. i shot a plus 72 in society on this…but i also just switched from 3 click to swing stick so i am still learning..and you have it at a high setting lol

  20. DocD says:

    Hmm good course. And appetance of one dogs

  21. Reg says:

    Knew this course name sounded familiar. Finding Nemo. Could never forget it with the little ones playing it on repeat lol

  22. Absolutely splendid It was.

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