The debate over whether to mine the deep sea | The Climate Show with Tom Heap

The deep sea has trillions of lumps of the metals we need for green technologies, Tom Heap hears about the debate over whether to mine them.

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29 Replies to “The debate over whether to mine the deep sea | The Climate Show with Tom Heap”

  1. these is why orcas taking revenge on humans

  2. gluodenas says:

    Fascinating interviews about deep-sea mining. Mr Baron thinks it is just picking up a rock, Greenpeace think it is dangerous to animals. Is this the reason not to interview deep sea scientists? Because deep sea is a major component of the huge machine that controls nutrient and chemical cycling on earth. It means what is at stake is fisheries and biogeochemical cycling. In human words — the fish that we eat and the air that we breathe are at stake.

    This reminds me of the early climate debates, where the warnings about the negative impact on nature somehow failed for a while to take into account that humans live in nature and not on the moon. What we have today, as a result, is floods like in Germany, where taxpayers die or pay for the damage — one of the two options in climate change reality. Exactly the same is the option with deep-sea mining and it will not be Mr Baron paying for the damage. He knows it, it is obvious.

  3. If a way of just carefully picking up and collecting these nodules, that doesn't disturb the sea-bed sediment at all, can be developed… Sure, if proven to work…
    If not… Probably not, they'd just end up killing everything that lives down there.

  4. Erik Olsen says:

    Why on earth is the climate show being so unclear about this. NO WE HOULD NOT, OBVIOUSLY. ITS SO OBVIOUS. why seed any sort of doubt

  5. Colin Morley says:

    If the powers that be decided there is something down there that they want nothing on this earth will stop them

  6. MDK MEusa says:

    The ocean was 100F in FL this week. Will this break something that's already broken? Doubtful.

  7. Grant Shapps – Chief Greenwasher.

  8. alex totman says:

    Yall gonna wake up Godzilla. Stop messing around

  9. Malicant says:

    And what about the ecological damage that this will cause? Of course that doesn't matter does it.

  10. XxA_OxX says:

    It is not just Manchester. All police forces in UK need investigating, and brought to justice for their Sexualcrimes

  11. No….why cant we leave things alone..!! Some folk are just not happy unless they are disturbing things causing chaos…. Disaster waiting to happen….!! Pil-locks comes to mind

  12. David Mayhew says:

    Far better to blow it up. Oceans cause rock depression and island anxiety. Plus they are bad for Texas sized patches of plastic.

  13. Barney Magee says:

    Once we finish ripping Africa up for cobalt and lithium, we must rip up the sea bed, profits for electric vehicles trump the environment.

  14. CLF says:

    Makes no difference. I , personally promise not to mine the sea but it doesn't matter what I think or do! Pointless question, my opinion matters not a jot.

  15. weeeeeee says:

    I'm not one for caring about climate crap or eco bs, yet even i think leave the sea alone. We ruined it enough.

  16. Destroying something while trying to fix something else .That’s not a very good idea ,but we are humans we will kill everything and everyone if it means we continue to live like kings.

  17. Then when we have raped the ocean, what next?
    ffs we should be living in huts off the land as i type on my samsung.

  18. Of course we shouldn't – but we will!

  19. LOZZA says:

    People have a problem with the UK trying to be self sufficient but what’s the alternative, order more from the east?

  20. Definitely not. Swarm of greedy locusts destroying everything . Humans are one of the most unremarkable animals on this planet , yet humans cannot help thinking they are special

  21. Shall we stop mining all together? Sounds more sensible

  22. Salty Dog says:

    Oh that type of mining… More nonsense from Sky

  23. Franco Zheng says:

    I simply cannot trust big corps

  24. Sounds like a disaster waiting to happen

  25. Mia says:

    Es ruft eine Menge Bewunderung hervor!👅

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