The Domino Golf Challenge!

The Dominos decide your golf club choices!!

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18 Replies to “The Domino Golf Challenge!”

  1. TofuDaTurtle says:

    Wait the thwack is real?

  2. Dave Monaco says:

    Her swing is faster than his lmao

  3. Rona Gazaway says:

    Play golf with the handles of golf clubs ⛳️

  4. She is ❤ beautiful

  5. How fast can you play a hole of golf

  6. "this wood is ruining my life"
    That's what she said

  7. carriejfo says:

    Jacks 9 iron was the straightest golf shot I’ve ever seen😂

  8. Potatocakes says:

    What the hell is a 7 wood

  9. Hk Dubs says:

    Row always playing with girsls

  10. Day seven of asking for

    7 iron
    56 degree

  11. I didnt even know a 7 wood existed😂

  12. it is brett says:

    Golfing in jordans 😂

  13. I didn’t know people actually bought 7 woods.

  14. LazyBan says:

    dang i was here early

  15. Do one with dominoes choosing how many swings you get to finish the hole

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