The DUMBEST Thing I've EVER Done in a Disc Golf Tournament // [Round 2 Full 18]

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28 Replies to “The DUMBEST Thing I've EVER Done in a Disc Golf Tournament // [Round 2 Full 18]”

  1. Youve got a great game, but the forehand zone just isnt it for you 😂 by far the shot you mess up the most

  2. I focused on my legs with putting like you talked about in my round yesterday and I’ve never made so many putts from deep c1 and c2! It really helps get power and keep the putter going straight

  3. Jon Zuback says:

    Have you done your putts today?

  4. DiscJunkies says:

    for the water shot it did look wet and gone, I would have assumed as much too. But you're right always check…

  5. Erik Green says:

    The sleeve will also keep the joint warmer, I don't think Simon Lizotte will ever play without one again. I am using a compression sleeve for my right knee, once "overused" it seems my runners knee always return not using a sleeve for some hours now and then. Bought barefoot shoes that seems to be helping, not started using them all that much yet though.

  6. Levi says:

    Free your stach, and the score card will follow.

  7. well played. this was a really intresting video to watch

  8. ANeu says:

    Congrats on the rating bud, moving up for sure

  9. Great try bro! If any of us were good at putting we’d be pros lol

  10. Checkthisout says:

    Love the content! You got this bro

  11. This kind of looks like an average day of putting for me. I honestly think I could be 1000 rated currently with good putting.

  12. bashildy says:

    You mentioned only making 1/4 of your practice putts. One thing Eagle told me, was that if you aren't making at least 50% of your practice putts, you are practicing missing. I started to practice much shorter putts if the misses were compounding, and now I'd argue it's my game's strength. Still have off days, but when that happens, i'm hitting the practice basket at 10-15 ft. rather than 20-30.

  13. Been loving this postgame analysis, and getting into your mind about how you think about your game. Here’s a friendly reminder to always compliment yourself on the parts of each shot that DID go well!! Keep up the great work dude!

  14. BillFromAZ says:

    When I saw the title, the first thing I thought of was that you got an ace, but didn't get into the ace pool.

  15. i been on that situation on the two rounds single day tournaments, mentally i feel good but my body does not execute, same thing, extra hyzer and less power, anyways good video as always. respect to all your hard work to post daily its crazy hard recording, editing comenting uploading and posting everywhere

  16. The disc leaning on the little OB flag is one of those stupid disc golf things that non disc golfers will never understand, but also something you’ll never forget.🤣

  17. Good effort out on the course Anthony. I feel your pain of making a dumb decision and then it effects the next 3-4 holes. It’s frustrating. It’s awesome to see you still played pretty well. May not have been what you wanted but my guy, you still did great. Keep it up my friend.

  18. iBenJammin says:

    Since you've been talking about how legs are related to your putt, I would like to suggest a routine I recently started doing before my putts and during warm-ups –

    First, while I'm warming up the putts, Ill stand around 12-18 ft out and get in my stance, but lock my knees and putt like that. Totally upper body putting. I think this helps lock in my release point/hit, because once you add legs into the equation it becomes a little bit different every time.
    During my actual putt routine, ill take my stance, lock my legs and pump fake (empty hand) until I feel like I know where my hit point needs to be (usually just 2 or 3 pumps unless I have uneven footing,) then I bend my legs again and focus on that hit point and putt. I've got a couple theories on why it's been working for me, but I'm not totally certain why.

    I just started doing it last week but it seemed to work for me yesterday at a C-tier where I went on a 7 birdie streak of all 20-45 ft putts. (Riverside Open in St. Cloud)
    Also, I don't expect it to work for everyone's putting style but maybe someone will try it and it'll help. ✌

  19. Damn! no way that was in bounds… must have been the water skip of the year for ya. Bummer at the same time though. What are the 3 tournaments in sept youre playing?

  20. Lankybrit52 says:

    Misses lots of putts and says he needs to work on putting……then says he’s going to work on distance. Come on Anthony, you know you need to work on putting. Anyway, great video as always, and you played really well.

  21. Is that a rovic your lady is pushing around? How do you like it? Is it functional on courses with large elevation changes?

  22. I love watching these tournament rounds because it helps me think about everything that i go through during my tournament rounds

  23. This is a great learning tournament for sure i feel you got a lot info to take into future events keep up the great work.

  24. Definitely should have been a 6. Same exact thing happened to me and it was a misplayed lie penalty of 2 strokes on top of the bogey.

  25. Khufu says:

    maria oliva on caddy duty

  26. Love these daily uploads and your tournament round coverage!

  27. Vincent says:

    Really enjoying the videoes! Keep going with the daily uploads!

  28. loving the videos lately gives me motivation to play disc golf !

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