The EASIEST Bunker Shot Technique you have EVER seen! Please forget EVERYTHING you've been told..

WITHOUT DOUBT the most EFFECTIVE Bunker Technique TO DATE! To be honest this bunker technique is so easy you will be shocked. This is SO effective and the best bunker technique I know! I say its like cheating it is that good, a real game changer! I know for a fact this will work no matter your age or ability. This bunker technique covers a number of questions that all golfers have about bunkers, how open should your club face be, ball position, how should my stance be & what should my stance be / weight.

This is the easiest bunker shot ever, if you want to escape bunkers every time then you need to watch this simple golf tip. Bunker tips can often be over complicated and for me this is the only bunker tip you will ever need. I’ve discovered this new way of getting out of bunkers every single time and it is so easy!

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23 Replies to “The EASIEST Bunker Shot Technique you have EVER seen! Please forget EVERYTHING you've been told..”

  1. Bunkers!! This is the EASIEST way to get out first time every time

  2. Excellent vid 👌 what about distance control 😁

  3. Trey Z says:

    Alex. I really need some help on weight distribution of the feet in the backswing and downswing and how doing it correctly could help me generate more distance with my irons. I always hear you need to use the ground to help with this but don’t know how. Would love to see a video on this if you haven’t done one yet. Thanks. Love your tips.

  4. Great video Alex! How do you manage distance control? club choice only?

  5. Hello Alex what about bunkers on the fairway far from the green?

  6. Sean Buoye says:

    Great, focused summary. Thank you

  7. Randy Mahony says:

    Alex, what about a wet compact bunker or a bunker with very little sand?

  8. Thanks Alex… I get that you enter the sand behind the ball but where is the low point of the swing. I often enter the sand behind the ball but then come up into the ball and thin or fat it somewhere undesirable!

  9. David Muse says:

    Damn Alex, where was this video earlier this season!! lol I have had very mixed results trying to get out of traps and no consistency. After watching this video I know now what I was doing wrong and start to correct some of the errors to get out of the sand better. I have watched your videos for two years now, and this season I have seen a big difference in my game and lower scores per round. I just can't thank you enough for all you have done and continue to do for golfers like myself.

  10. Alan Carter says:

    Many thanks Alex- very clear and so useful

  11. I love the ball dimple behind the ball what a great visual. I forget to choke up a little bit when I dig my feet in the soft sand bunkers, my typical course has cheaper sand that is hard as a rock.

  12. willam Burch says:

    Alex are you taking a full swing and breaking your wrist early. The club is a lever . Do you break the lever on a bunker shot or do you maintain the lever and swing 3 quarter swing

  13. Ken Brown says:

    I like bright red. the color reacts with the tint color in my eyeglasses, and they almost look like they are glowing.

  14. Len S says:

    I think just because you’re feet are dug in and the ball is forward you will more likely take sand and not ball, because of your low point will be under the ball ?

  15. Bluetoughguy says:

    This is pretty much what i do. I make a mark an inch behind the ball as my focus point. I think the only part i don't currently do is have my weight forward. Ill have to give that a try.

  16. Ben Howard says:

    Best bunker lesson in a long time!!!!

  17. DE Buller says:

    Alex, I hit very high irons and they don't carry like they should. What is the correct way to strike your irons to get the most out of them?

  18. So Alex, my membership allows me to play 3 courses. On one they reworked the traps by adding sand, they are now fluffy and soft. On another one, they are rock hard.
    How would you adjust to play these shots.
    How does more or less bounce on the wedge affect these shots?
    I often bon e off the rock hard sand and scull the ball. Any suggestions? I find I need to keep the club more closed so that it will dig.
    I would love yourinput.

  19. Alex, this is a bunker technique that I will try to duplicate when necessary! I don't know about the ball being so far forward however if the body is staying fairly stationary through the swing. I like the focus entry point of one ball behind the bunkered ball though.. Good Job Alex!

  20. lokidecat says:

    I'd love to see some about the bunker condition.. some bunkers in places around my place are like quikcrete or just a dusting of sand-on-mud. Leads to blading, and you can't take any sand at all.
    same with overly-fluffy sand where trying to take a little sand you end up burying your clubface.

  21. Peter Smith says:

    USE THIS. This one really works. I had an in person lesson with Alex and he went through this technique with me. I was struggling with bunkers and now my success rate has massively increased.

  22. HANDS DOWN best bunker tutorial on youtube.

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