►Moor Park was sensational and a fantastic challenge, but playing it in gale force winds meant the course basically destroyed me! But it was great fun!!

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41 Replies to “THE Golf Course DESTROYED ME!”

  1. Shane Powell says:

    Happens to us all.we are only human Andy. That’s the beauty of the game but we get up and go again👍

  2. James Lennon says:

    try playing it off the back tees!

  3. That’s REAL golf!

  4. Brian Murray says:

    You really need to work on your playing the layers of wind. This looked more like Shiels breaking 75 video😂

  5. GolfWithCK says:

    Keep your head up andy. The wind is ridiculous and youve never seen any of the holes. Keep up the vibes

  6. Andy this video is a good example of something i deal with most rounds and if you have any tips it would help me a lot. I either drive the ball well or my irons are good and my driver is crap…..please help btw my short game and putting touch are always shit so no worries there lol

  7. I am not the quality of golfer you are so in those conditions I would be another 8 shots worse (and that's optimistic). Still love your self banter!! 😂

  8. Alan Rutland says:

    Hi Andy. Definitely the two things to take out of that is your brilliant driving and your putting from around 4 feet. Plus we all know that wind plays with your mind…..😊. Well it does mine. Look forward to the next as always.

  9. Howie Land says:

    I was rooting for you to ace the last hole to make up for the rest of the round, but, obviously, that didn't happen. Still, it was a GIR and an easy 2-putt par! BTW, thx for putting in the long day to give us content.

  10. David Graham says:

    Lol. You’re terrible at golf. Even in that wind you scored better than you hit it. 😂

  11. So, funny story to tell ya. Had a round in which I was hitting the ball good but scoring badly. Doesn't make sense , does it? A few penalty strokes is a score killer. +8 on the front. Started 10 & 11 bogey bogey. A bird 💩 on my score card right under the score on 11 while I was teeing off on 12. From that point on finished the last 7 holes +1. Replayed the front and shot +2. Showed that dirty bird who's boss. 😂

  12. Kyle Davids says:

    Tiger hit a 9 that one time on one hole so us mortals are A for Fine 😂

  13. Well hung in there Andy…..duffing a layup shot makes you relatable to us mortal hackers😂

  14. I don't like horror movies. Does this classify as one? That wind looked brutal.

  15. It happens to everyone. Wind can destroy anyone.

    It kinda feels like you broke par but scorewise thats not the case.
    Driver was good BTW.

  16. Keith Flynn says:

    You looked tired on the first hole Andy lol, that course and the conditions beat you up. Shame about the birdie on the last, I was routing for you.

  17. Welcome to my world Carter. How is your daughter doing ? I pray she is doing well.

  18. Lexx White says:

    Just think Andy, no matter how bad a round you have, you could always be stuck in an office.

  19. Peter Rumley says:

    Wonder if Rick is happy about that thumbnail 😂 very sheilsy 😂😂

  20. Brian O'S says:

    Andy, are you ever tempted to start again?! Take 2. +8 was respectable in the end.

  21. ybach64 says:

    Thanks for the honesty. Sounds like you need to slow down and have a break. Working to hard my friend.

  22. Andy have a go at second ball golf the second ball is the one you take and you can’t swap clubs first putt counts but you are allowed two re loads per game putting only – when the pressure is done amazing what you can do.

  23. Peter Bonham says:

    Go play a game with Finchy, that will put the smile back on your face

  24. Tell you what Andy you think thats a bad round book a game with me and you will no what a real bad round looks like .wish i could play as good as your bad round i would be thrilled.dont get down my friend you kill it next round but thanks for your honesty showing us we are only human 👍👏👏

  25. I have to say Andy well done on great sound and camera work with how windy it was, I regularly play in windy conditions like this and it is so hard to know how the ball will react when hitting into greens. Good on you mate 👍👍

  26. Tough conditions Andy, "really tough"! The greens seemed to be green but dry and hard – with this wind absolut a problem to hold the ball there. You could have been 2 or 3 strokes better around the greens, but all in all you played well. On such a course it's not a shame shooting 4 or 5 over for all with this brutal wind. Watch royal Liverpool and the open, the are mit in the red and some major champion scores a 10 over…. Thats golf and you will come back with a good score! Trust in your game, it's good. All i think is thats you do some tactics wrong, that you sometimes di not have the right idea. And your putter is sometime ice cold. But that's it, you can bring it all on track – for the next open in Troon?

  27. Gary Davis says:

    I was just about to say that you’re brilliant with those 6ft putts….then you yacked it on #7 and #9. 🤦🏻‍♂️😢😂

  28. Also good to see you're still human.

  29. All the time Andy, still enjoy the effort.

  30. max f says:

    Mate i feel for ya, this round is just reminds me how you can play a cracking game one day and nothing goes your way the next 😂😂

  31. TPG says:

    Been there, done that and bought the T Shirt 😅
    Cheers from Australia 🇦🇺

  32. Jon S. says:

    Boo 😢 you're much better than this!

  33. Brent D says:

    Your terrible start is me skipping happily to the next hole. Lol

  34. tx52dave says:

    Great PMA (positive mental attitude). Golf is hard. At least you had a cart this time.

  35. Harvey Helka says:

    ive would of chased down the beer cart. lol. happens to the best of us. those winds and greens was crazy. you was bombing those drives tho. enjpy the video andy.

  36. Tough day on the golf course Andy with less than ideal conditions. Thanks for keeping your cool and showing us your human just the rest of us. 👍

  37. David DeKing says:

    I think we all can sympathize with you about your round of golf. Nothing is more frustrating than to have one aspect of your game working fairly well and struggling with other parts of your game. I played in a company sponsored golf league in which we played 9 holes every week in match play. I had a 3 week stretch where I didn't make a par for the 27 holes that I played. I did manage to shoot a 40, a 39, and a 37 with 3 birdies, 3 birdies, and 5 birdies respectively. Thanks for sharing!

  38. I stuck around for the whole thing. I am starting to question my life choices!! 😁

  39. Greg Leavitt says:

    "I'm out of breath, I hit it so hard." 😂🤙

  40. i dont mind watching real golf if i wanted to watch perfect golf i would be watching sky, i coment on sheils, finch,and fryer asking wheres the real golf playing subscribers no reply as yet, this is to cheer you not put you down, when you said you were waiting for the car incase you smashed the window i chuckled and thought how, you havent hit anything all day :)) peace out chin up

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