The Golf Course Staff Challenged Us To A 6v6 Match

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22 Replies to “The Golf Course Staff Challenged Us To A 6v6 Match”

  1. DudeInOhio says:

    The "supervisor" was annoying as hell.

  2. I was hoping to see some more shots from Mr. loud mouth lol

  3. SHARK says:

    Too phony good goods in this video! I think we all know who those two are! Every drive this guy got a let everybody know they’re taking his ball How about letting them know that good good gets about 1 million views a video how about that!!!!!

  4. Mans blowing clouds on the course, respect

  5. Brandon M says:

    Typical Micah.. hits a bomb and swaggers off like God. Garrett’s ball is right next to it and he self deprecates while being humble. Can someone please explain explain reality to the man.

  6. Can Sharf stop yelling all the freaking time? It’s old

  7. Love Grant being cognizant of saying "let's go" too much. It's right up there with Garrett saying "honestly" or "literally" at the start of every sentence. "Let's go" has gotta be one of the most overused phrases in the U.S. 🤮

  8. Cowboys are terrible

  9. Karan Chopra says:


  10. ZAMzEE says:

    bubbie you gotta cutt your cigar less trust me

  11. Owner of the golf course 😂 nice title

  12. John Randle says:

    Who is the red neck trying to take over????

  13. Joe Pugliese says:

    Michigan has some amazing golf courses. 6v6 up here. Good good vs the shady shores

  14. Luke Skarin says:

    Anyone else notice it said par 36 on the score card – but it was actually par 37?

  15. Jake H says:

    i feel like 6 v 6 would be unbearable, like watching 11 guys hit before every shot

  16. jack goodman says:

    4:15, was the first time ive ever seen Matt hit a fade

  17. 31:17 I make that same face when I send a slice deep into right field

  18. Kyle Raymond says:

    Love the content. 6v6's are fun to watch. Need more of this competition between your followers. You guys should come to Austin, TX

  19. 54raceman says:

    All these people wanting them to come to there golf course and play a 6v6 and I’m over here wondering if the local country club has 6 people on staff that can stay sober enough together to complete a full round

  20. coozie says:

    That beat/song at 17:25, anyone know who that is?

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