The Good Good Major @ The Open Course

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Peter Finch

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45 Replies to “The Good Good Major @ The Open Course”

  1. THIS WAS EPIC! Thanks for having me guys. Let’s play again soon!

  2. Finch looks like he would be the coolest uncle in the family…

  3. Tom Gibbs says:

    Brad is some golfer , didn’t warm to him at first on the channel but been completely proven wrong now , love you boys !! And Steve played so well

  4. Bubbie looking proper dapper👍

  5. Tony Wells says:

    Why was it always showing the wrong score? ‘For birdie’ when its for eagle. ‘For par’ when it’s for a birdie. Joke

  6. Bubbie….how many clubs you got in that bag brother?

  7. Tom Wilson says:

    I noticed all of you have dumped the Paradym irons for something else. Care to provide any insight on why nobody likes the Paradym irons?

  8. 1:44:19 the zyn as the ball marker is somethin else

  9. Gotta love bubbie marking the ball with the zyn

  10. Inzane how many clubs bubbie have in his bag 😂

  11. Tyler Bates says:

    Bubbie is better than matt, and Garrett is not as good as Brad and kwon. Handicapp system still needs work

  12. Bubbie's outfit is 10/10

  13. Love UK Bubbie! Great video 👍👍

  14. Sterling cD says:

    Bubbie marking that ball with a pack of Zyn’s was the highlight for me 😂 1:44:10

  15. Gregory W says:

    That bunker shot by Brad on 11 should be a Good Good extra trick shot challenge video to see who can make it in the hole first or just a closest to the pin.

  16. "Be a goldfish" – Ted Lasso. @gmgolf

  17. If Matt can’t bring some positivity then he shouldn’t play

  18. I like the handicapped system. But also think y’all need to get legitimate handicaps sorted out.

  19. TylerB says:

    “Wait this is hole 9?” “No that is A 9 Steve.” 😂😂😂

  20. Did anyone see Steve’s hand motion after his second shot on hole 1? 😂😂

  21. Bubby gotta be the most humble and genuine guy on YouTube

  22. Dom Martin says:

    Matt is a quitter

  23. Love Matt but his game isn’t ready for links golf

  24. Watch out for LUKE KWON DOE!!

  25. James Pierce says:

    Man the Birdie, par, shot per hole graphic was struggling today boyz

  26. Finn OBrien says:

    Why didn't they give Matt a caddy, considering he has a bad back?

  27. Larry Shank says:

    Bubbie is clearly a Sandbagger! Way to many shots, 11? To shoot 1 over on 1st 9 holes. It’s probably more like 6 shots only.

  28. Cohen auer says:

    8 handicap for the rat

  29. No Garrett we didnt fast forward! I’ve watched the whole video 😅 good and bad shots

  30. trust me you do not want to ride one of those

  31. Randy Mahony says:

    Bubbie , the man with a club for every lie . Lol love ya Bubbie.

  32. Pastor Slant says:

    Feel bad for Matt. Honestly think it's weird that he's not one of the ones that got a caddy… I feel like if anyone needs one, it's the dude with the bad back.

  33. Colin, WTF? Every time on holes 2 and 3 they were putting for Par it said Birdie on the upper right box. You're too good to have made that mistake.

  34. didnt garret and luke play eachothers balls on the 10th green? anyone else notice that?

  35. Anyone else freaked out by the glitch in the matrix bird flying!? 1:48:25

  36. Peter is funny as hell.

  37. I thought Matt was going to cry before hitting his approach on 11

  38. Linus says:

    In north of Sweden and Norway (not mid or two thirds up), in end of June and through July, you're able to play whenever you'd like since it's light outside 24/7 (winter is the other way around).

  39. Shay says:

    Withdraw on the 13th hole is crazy

  40. Aaron says:

    Why didn't Garrett give Matt his caddie so Matt could at least not walk with his clubs the entire round…

  41. Excellent playing gentlemen 🏌️‍♂️⛳️
    What a great venue to be blessed to play.
    Amazing finish for Brad !!!

  42. MrMistajone says:

    Matt is either high on the hog acting like an complete idiot or the Debbie Downer. Cheer up Matt you've got a beautiful fiancé that seeks attn: from other men on social media; what more could you want?

  43. Cole Parker says:

    Brad pulled out the same move as Rory did for his bunker shot at the open, Awesome shot!

  44. Shay says:

    Bubs ball bounced off the telephone wire 😮 1:51:25

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