The Greatest Golf Shots In Good Good History #shorts

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38 Replies to “The Greatest Golf Shots In Good Good History #shorts”

  1. USAeagle8 says:

    Weren't bubbles and Garrets on the same day?

  2. Garrets hybrid double eagle?

  3. garrets new best one is the hole out albatross

  4. Bobby Ray says:

    Kinda funny grant and micahs were within 40 yards and theyre technically the better players lol

  5. What about the albatross at night

  6. J&N Outdoors says:

    Now you have to add the par 3 for Matt and Kwons hole in one

  7. Evan Vogel says:

    Garrets albatross is better by far

  8. die cast43 says:

    That when Micah knew he was going be pro

  9. What video is this?

  10. Micahs chip from uphill lie to force a 3 way play off is micahs best shot

  11. Boston Nate says:

    No way that’s Michas best. Bubbies was most impressive

  12. Tyler golf says:

    Gerrets glow in the dark ball albatross left the chat

  13. 4 days ago I was 42 yards out and shot with my 56 and missed it by 3 inches 😂

  14. James Borden says:

    No garrets is the hybrid on the par5

  15. Zach Henk says:

    Need an updated version

  16. Owethu_w_c says:

    Matt's hole one and bubbie through the trees are my favorite shots

  17. Jordan Duval says:

    Yeah Garrett’s shot was not the one. It’s definitely the albatross

  18. B14 says:

    If only Stevens counted🤣 Still love u Steve

  19. RIP grant and Micah

  20. Garrets best shot was the Albertos when they where playing night golf

  21. Macho Man says:

    Was Steve's shot at Watters Creek on the par 3 course, cause I play there a lot?

  22. Rj Biddy says:

    Ofc Micah’s shot is mid… trash personality too

  23. I did that in Los serrano's

  24. how does no one remember Garretts night golf albatross at Pursell Farms???

  25. The Phantom says:

    Garret’s albatross I think was crazier but honestly they’ve hit so many good shots you could have an hour long video with every good shot

  26. I think bubbies over the tree was the best. Bad drive then hole out for eagle! Wow

  27. Micha duff save doe 😆🤣😂

  28. Jo Viljoen says:

    I think Matt can make a video of his own with all his shots

  29. 5borogolfco says:

    wild, because Micah and Grant are two of the best. humbling.

  30. The guys that left good good have the worst shots in this video, surely hole outs or hole in ones on there respective channels.

  31. Ken Smith says:

    Garrett has a few albatross id say r better shots

  32. Ken Smith says:

    That putt bubby drained was def his best shot

  33. Finly dude says:

    Fun fact: Garret and Bubbys shots are from the same video

  34. TWolfyG says:

    The fact Matt has another one even better than anyone else’s 😂

  35. TWolfyG says:

    Didn’t Bubbie and Garrett hole out on the same round ?

  36. TWolfyG says:

    I wanted to see Matt’s reaction 😭

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