The Honest Truth About The WORLD'S Most FORGIVING GOLF CLUBS…

The Honest Truth About The WORLD’S Most FORGIVING GOLF CLUBS… When we buy new golf clubs we often want to think about the best golf clubs for us… that might mean the best golf clubs of 2023, the most forgiving golf clubs of 2023 and even the best budget golf clubs of 2023… in this video we take a look at the worlds most forgiving irons, the. best forgiving irons of 2023 for mid handicap golfers and the best forgiving irons ever made, we also take a look at the least forgiving irons of 2023 that even tour pro’s really struggle to get on with… which irons should you use? forgiving irons or blade irons? let’s find out… and let’s do it now!


36 Replies to “The Honest Truth About The WORLD'S Most FORGIVING GOLF CLUBS…”

  1. Jason Davis says:

    I wouldn’t play either but the Takomo 101T’s are the best of both worlds for me. Great compact looks and loads of forgiveness.

  2. Paul F says:

    James, I like the Cobra blades. Sure the Tour Exotics perform no matter where you strike a ball on the club face. Is that really playing golf skillfully? No. I have Ping i525 irons, love the feel, playability and feedback. Thei525 irons are forgiving at a reasonable level. Mishits are punishable but not to a level the pure blades. I think there's a balance or happy medium.

  3. Its funny you were talking about offset causing you to pull the ball left. I am a newer golfer and had a horrible problem with my player improvement irons pulling it left. They had a pretty good amount of offset. I switched to a set of old DCI's and now I am hitting my irons straight. I just never realized until this video that the offset can cause that

  4. Practice with the RF' cobra

    Game the tour edge

  5. If you're only going to go out a few times a month, or less, the "game improvement" clubs might have you enjoying your time more; however, if you have time to practice, you'll probably prefer something forged and with less offset.

  6. Another interesting video James. Fortunately for us average golfers there are a lot of iron choices between the Cobra RF and the Tour Edge C722. So there’s something for everyone.

  7. I would really like a set of Cobras, just not these! The King tour irons Rickie used with great success this year, those or the CB's. That would have made for an interesting comparison: the RF blade, I mean P.U.R.E. blade too, compared to the king tours. I'm sure there will be an upcoming test of the unreleased Ping blueprint S if and when they become available.

  8. The RF irons are a dream to play with when you hit them right wouldn't use mine in winter like as ball striking not best at moment

  9. Bassmasta911 says:

    I would love if Cobra made irons in that same color but more forgiving. They are beautiful!

  10. Yeah…. If BDR can't hit them no one should even try

  11. SHANK! Everybody experiences the dreaded shank from time to time but what a way to demonstrate your point. BTW, the Tour Edge Vibrcor irons are good looking sticks.

  12. Jim Barrie says:

    Tour edge all day for me. Similar lofts does not always mean similar distance.

  13. NtheKnife18 says:

    Sad thing is there are 15+ HDCPs that will defend playing blades to their dying breath. It’s like a badge of honor that only idiots brag about wearing. I have a Sunday bag with 6-PW Apex MB that I would never take on a actual round. It can help with ball striking but I don’t get why people insist on still using them when they are keeping a score? It’s a hard game. Give yourself every advantage you can!

  14. When it comes to clubs it’s forgiveness over style everyday 👍.

  15. Paul Bown says:

    Give me the MB’s any day of the week. I’d be more confident hitting them compared to the larger iron

  16. I don't care in the least about the numbers on the clubs… Just give me something to identify the club that goes this or that distance.. To me what's important is that my shortest iron goes 145 to 150 yards, that my longest iron goes 205-210 yards in the air and the other irons gap nicely in between. That way, it works well between my 21° hybrid and my 52° wedge and all distances and shots are "covered". I totally regret the Hogans that came with the lofts on the bottom and you could get the heads 2° by 2° and get the exact make up you needed for your bag. Maybe, if I was very rich, I would have a set custom made for me and have the average distance I play each iron stamped on the bottom instead of a number…

  17. The comparison the world was waiting for, done (almost) to perfection. Does "technology", cores, trampoline faces and all that jazz gain you distance or is it just the loft? Well, the answer is clear: loft is king, shaft length does a little bit and the rest is marketing for the most part (true but you need a hyper sensitive sensor and a robot to actually see it).
    The unforgiving nature of the RF is illustrated by your shanks… It's mostly in the mind of the player and not more else. You can shank any sort of iron if you have the fear of the shank in the head… you feared the RF, you shanked the RF… I fear big bad power bats, I tend to shank them often. Between these two sets, I'd go cobra MB all day long (I do play the Takomo 301 combo and regret, a bit, not to have taken the full 301 MB set…)

  18. The same loft still doesn't make a 6 iron the same as a 5 iron. There is also shaft length. I think that you should have tested 5 iron vs 5 iron. Forgiving clubs just don't go as far as blades regardless if they are 2 degrees stronger.

  19. pete Kenny says:

    😂😂😂the ol' tom hanks

  20. pete Kenny says:

    Not one your player would use them 😂..the smallest is prob ping blueprint

  21. I play Titleist T 400 forged face look great , feel v good but I can hit 1-2 less club . The advantage is shorter shaft same distance and height , bigger club head = more chance of hitting my landing zone. I cannot see why you wouldn’t take advantage of the tech making them easier to hit other than ego.

  22. I play the Cleveland Halo irons…despite my 8 handicap. I played Cobra forged tec irons before, but, I am far more fearless with the Cleveland irons. No matter your skill level, why make the game harder? I follow the Dave Pelz philosophy of ignoring the number on the bottom but marking my distances. I don't have a 6 iron, I have a 175 yard club.

  23. I used AP2's and felt I needed something with more consistency. I switched to Miura tournament blades. Yes, it hurt my handicap at first but it made me realize that I had neglected the effort to be a better ball striker.

  24. The Cobras are beautiful. I have a set of Mizuno MP 20 HMBs. Didn't`t think I could hit them, but the are great. My other clubs are ping G 30s, but no easier to hit. Good show.

  25. Jeremy2988 says:

    I currently play the C721 irons! Love them!

  26. Bigger minds says:

    I was (work) at a pga tour tornament, and sometimes I can play a little with a tour pro. I'm a really bad golfer, but fun with some players I know for many years. I had Inesis 500 clubs. Felt so stupid. But the tour player borrow them when we played, he just destroyed the course with berry low score. He just said, if he gave them som hours practice it would be even better.

  27. Craig Seaver says:

    While my I525's were being put together, my fitter gave me a I59 just to play with. The first thing I thought was "where's the other half of the club".

  28. Andy F-D says:

    I can't imagine a universe where I would use Cobra RF clubs. I hope you kept your receipt for when they go back. Fore right!

  29. Graham Brown says:

    You need a lesson!

  30. The problem with these kinds of evaluations is that you're hitting the same shots over and over again. On the golf course you rarely hit the same club twice in a row let alone the same shots. Learning to adjust for changing conditions is the critical component for good scoring.

  31. dave watts says:

    Size wise they look like the clubs I started playing the game in the early 70s they where hard to use untill you had a reasonable swing.

  32. Logan Pike says:

    I don’t care what the number on the club is, I just need to know what number is what distance.

  33. Brian Smith says:

    James…..divots don't re-grow when you put them back into the hole.

  34. GONADSable says:

    I have just started practicing with a small headed blade iron to help improve my ball striking, it isn't easy but I will keep trying .Great video Thanks

  35. Tim Dench says:

    Good review James. Genuine question here. I guess that you could work the blades more, but most amateurs don’t or can’t do this, or can’t do it consistently (me included). Therefore, apart from an ego perspective, why would any amateur choose a blade over something more forgiving?

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