The Legendary Cawdor Castle!

We visit Cawdor castle, forever associated with Shakespeare and his play, Macbeth. We visit the castle, the fossilised tree around which the tower was built, we look round the beautiful gardens and take the nature trail.

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00:00 Introduction
01:25 Culloden Battlefield
01:34 Culloden CMC Site
03:14 Cawdor Castle parking
04:22 Into Cawdor Castle
07:55 Inside Cawdor Castle
10:46 Legend of the Founding Tree
11:32 Don Quixote Tapestries
12:02 Kitchens at Cawdor Castle
12:58 Cawdor Castle gardens and grounds
16:00 Nature Trail

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23 Replies to “The Legendary Cawdor Castle!”

  1. What a stunning place. Thank you for sharing.

  2. The Castle looks lovely have not been for over fifty years !!!!!! my father was a game keeper at the Stackpole Estate in Pembrokeshire before the second world war and in the summer time would go upto the Castle in Scotland to help with the shooting as both were owned by the fifth Earl Cawder …………….I think it's time to visit again .

  3. Ruth Currie says:

    I visited Cawdor 25 years ago and it was the outside areas I remember most. It’s such a great place. By the way, we’re just back from Orkney, hope you have a good a time as we did.

  4. Tommo 975 says:

    I lived on the Moray coast for 7 years back in the nineties and it was amazing how quickly you took the beautiful landscape for granted. It was nice to see it all again – great memories 😊

  5. Thanks for sharing you beautiful memories with us🥰

  6. The castle looks amazing so beautiful inside and out, I heard Poppy prefers empty castles to explore anyway 😀

  7. Love visiting Cawdor Castle today, been about 25 yrs since i visited here. Brought back great memories ❤

  8. Nice trip to Cawdor Castle. Lovely scenery on your journey there. The Castle is stunning. The inside was very interesting, think we would like to visit. Poppy enjoyed the walk around the walled garden and the river, very tranquil, lots of memories for you to remember, where does the time go, take care on your travels x Julie and Tony x

  9. Lovely video, enjoyed this very much, Poppy she is looking for steps to walk up , or down

  10. Amazing castle and grounds,and the weather was a bonus,until the next one .

  11. M Paws says:

    The gardens and walk looked beautiful in the sunshine. Little Poppy looked as cute as ever too.

  12. Lovely vlog.mtake care. Linda xx ❤

  13. Dave Allen says:

    Just something about this video❤👍

  14. What a beautiful place, we would love it there. Poppy seemed to enjoy the bridges and the gardens 😃 Trev n Sue

  15. peta james says:

    WOW…the castle and grounds are absolutely stunning! 35 years since you guys did that walk….how fast the years fly as we get older. Thankyou for taking us with you, and Poppy was adorable, as usual ❤

  16. What a lovely relaxing video. Beautiful scenery and so nice to see the sun on this horrible rainy afternoon!

  17. We had friends who lived in the village of Cawdor for a time next door to the church and I remember on one visit walking through the woods from the village to the castle on a summer’s evening, it’s a lovely area and castle. Shame, they’ve moved to Norfolk now, although that’s another great area to visit with the van.

  18. M C says:

    Thanks for taking us on your tours Bob, Jenny & Poppy. Looking forward to the Orkney visit as I've been meaning to visit there since a friend moved there in the early 2000's, he set up Swannay brewery in the north of the island so maybe you will sample a couple of his fine ales while you're there. 🍺👍🤓🐶🐶 M T & T

  19. Dave Heath says:

    Thanks Bob & Jenny

  20. A beautiful castle thanks for another marvellous video

  21. DB Cooper says:

    Macbeth, the Thane of Cawdor. I remember him well from my school days. When shall we three meet again ?

  22. Thanks Bob and Jenny for sharing another great broadcast 😊

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