The mistake I see many people make is…⬇️

Doing too many reps/sets to produce max power. 😳

High-repetition exercises typically focus on muscular endurance rather than maximal speed and power. Here are a few reasons why high-rep exercises are not optimal for developing max power and speed – in golf language how you hit bombs. 💣

1️⃣ Specificity of Training : To maximize power and speed in a particular movement (the golf swing) training should closely mimic the demands of that movement. High rep exercises do not replicate the explosive, fast movement required in the golf swing. Training with lower reps and higher intensity allows for a more specific adaptation.

2️⃣ Type of Muscle Fiber Activation : High-rep exercises predominantly target slow-twitch muscle fibers, which are responsible for endurance activities and have a lower capacity for producing high levels of force. Fast-twitch fibers are better developed through explosive, low-rep exercises.

3️⃣ Risk of Fatigue and Form Breakdown : High-rep exercises lead to fatigue, fatigue comprises form and technique. Maintaining proper form is essential for generating power efficiently and reducing the risk of injury.

4️⃣ Neural and Metabolic Adaptations : Max speed and power require the use of certain energy systems and neural adaptations. Essentially there’s one system for power and one for endurance. If you’re training with high reps, you’re not using the systems most conducive for creating maximal force and club head speed.

Speed and power training should always be programmed as part of a well rounded strength and conditioning program.

Sadly – many don’t have the knowledge of how to incorporate it all in an effective manner.

If you’ve read this far – and you want to learn how to do these things correctly – send me a message.

My Lift Heavy, Swing Fast program has over 300 members who are seeing massive improvements in their game on the course and performance in the gym.


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