The Most Controversial FPL Gameweeks Of All-Time

These are FPL’s most controversial games ever. Fantasy Premier League 2023/24 has 20+ years of history and there’s been some crazy moments over the years!

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30 Replies to “The Most Controversial FPL Gameweeks Of All-Time”

  1. FPL Focal says:

    What's an infamous FPL moment you've been on the receiving end of?

  2. Kieran West says:

    I still remember the pain last season when I had Willock captain for a double gameweek, he assisted (pretty sure it was for the penalty tho I might be wrong), they added the points, then removed them, though luckily they readded them later thst day. 😰

  3. luke man says:

    bro dallas was crazy

  4. Dave Haro says:

    Love that little wander through head-in-hands history! A much-needed breather from the inevitable draft updates.

  5. kalid says:

    that isak wilson gw was one of the worst gameweeks ever. Had wilson until the very last minute where I switched to Isak.

  6. Spurs Edits says:

    Would you rather have Ederson, Ensico, Botman, 4.5M FW or Adebayo, mitoma, Pickford, Baldock

  7. Andy P says:

    Hi Focal, you missed a key issue; Bednarek's red card was overturned! With two of the goals being scored after he was sent off, it could have been a season defining cock-up. Imagine if Saints had been relegated on goal difference.

  8. Riad Maxwell says:

    Great video Γ“scar , biggest one is DENNIS for me

  9. HeikkiNeu says:

    Thanks for reminding me about that Isak vs Wilson pick, almost forgot it already… More bad picks/decisions to come next season.

  10. Brian says:

    SanΓ© was the worst ever for me, you forgot to mention aguero getting a hattrick the same week. Most people used TC on the city double and it was a 50/50 between SanΓ© and Aguero as Aguero's minutes were being managed and SanΓ© was flying. 56 Point TC difference was brutal.

  11. Chris Kelly says:

    That Wilson vs Isak difference cost me 1st place in my mini league. My mini league rival used a late GW36 wild card and he took it away. I cant be mad, I finished in the top 6k and he finished in the top 4K, he deserved it. Cant wait for the new season to start.

  12. Oh the pain of watching and listening to some of those! Firmly in the filing cabinet of "Why do I bother with FPL?" πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ
    Great video πŸ˜‰πŸ‘

  13. lex_laksi says:

    that Duffy gameweek……

  14. Adam Bishop says:

    happy to say i captained trent against leicester πŸŽ‰

  15. I was part of the Mane tragedy

  16. Pukki hatrick against city on here

  17. Bentli Velia says:

    Sry for it not being related to vid but great vid but I'm albanian and I have a lot of intel on albanian footballers and I can confirm broja is close to joining west ham could be a good pick for FPL it hasn't been confirmed by Fabrizio but broja wasn't included due to "precautionary concerns" but had been training normally last 4 weeks he could be joining west ham but great vid oscar what do u think oscar on this

  18. Yeah I was one of those who brought Cancelo and captained him. And then he went to Germany.

  19. George 100 says:

    captained king in that double gameweek only got like 2 points but it felt like a result when dennis go sent off!

  20. BHHH67 says:

    The Son one 😒 I could cry

  21. I’m still trying to recover from Isak captain in DGW 36

  22. JetKing0077 says:

    Triple captained Sane. It still keeps me up at night.

  23. Lucas Ewing says:

    I actually still havent got over the Mane TC 1pointer

  24. Carl Neff says:

    My worst/funniest FPL moment was when the Man United fans stormed the stadium while protesting against the team owners, right before ManU v Liverpool, resulting in the entire game being cancelled! I had used my bench boost, and ended up getting exactly 0 points for it, since half of my team ended up with a blank. Why Salah Why?!?!

  25. Ash - IOW says:

    OH NO….. I had buried the memory of the Mane Madness , but now Dr Oscar has forced me to remember in Focal Therapy πŸ˜‚

  26. Elliot_LUFC says:

    That Dennis incident gives me nightmares

  27. Davide says:

    Sterling vs wast ham.
    My first time ever match in The fantasy premier.
    That first gameweek I was third in my country legue πŸ˜…

  28. Thank you for reminding me of TC Dennis I did :'(

  29. KB says:

    That Darwin red card last season still gets me heated when I think about it 🀬

  30. Always remember 2014-15 Man U win at home 4-0 to qpr di Maria debut, Tyler Blackett playing full back, young lad cheap option, my mate transfers him in only for the next game to be that famous 5-3 loss to Leicester, and Blackett got a red card πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

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