The Most Overstable Distance Driver I've EVER Tested?!?

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16 Replies to “The Most Overstable Distance Driver I've EVER Tested?!?”

  1. You should try a Westside discs Nikko Lacastro Tornamanet-X Adder ….its beefy 😅

  2. Juggernaut reminds me of the Millennium Tachyon 4.1, which was the most overstable disc ever made when it came out. Very deep rim and very thick nose like that Juggy, just more like an 8 or 9 speed by today's standards.

  3. triplespace says:

    Out of curiosity, why is the turn positive instead of 0 with a higher fade number?

  4. HOLLOW_gt says:

    im the 69th like

  5. The adder is wildly Overstable also

  6. earl nagle says:

    Try a Discmania TD2 it 10 5 -4 1 crazy flip! Nice for stand still touch or patten pending stretch shots.

  7. Bobby Bobman says:

    So you are saying I need to throw a juggernaut in place of my dx leopard.?

  8. Mark Allison says:

    I throw a nuke os forehand quite a bit for shots I need to flex hard, or dog legs that go right. I've got a pretty string forehand though. The only time I've ever thrown it backhand was in a 25 mph headwind. Great disc for specific wooded shots though!

  9. TMRaven says:

    Try out a Lonestar Glow Tombstone if you want serious beef. Very close to a tilt. I have a halo Juggernaut too, and yes it's absurdly OS.

  10. Algorithm DG says:

    I bag a couple of Ricky lucid enforcers, that's about as OS as I'm willing to get. They're not as beef as the numbers suggest.

  11. Key Electric says:

    I have a mvp octane that is the same stable as that juggernaut and idk why lol

  12. James Cairn says:

    PD2 doesn’t get enough love 😢 Anthony always be sleeping on Discmania and it’s the best brand

  13. Op po says:

    I barely have the arm speed for a berg but i bag 3 tilts and 2 raptors

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