The Most Popular Airbnb Destinations

These travel destinations in the United States live up to the hype! For this list, we’re looking at the most popular domestic American summer destinations based on Airbnb’s data for searches from 2023’s first quarter. Our countdown of popular US summer destinations includes North Topsail Beach, North Carolina, Bolivar Peninsula, Texas, Laconia, New Hampshire, and more! Have you visited any of these places? Let us know in the comments!

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11 Replies to “The Most Popular Airbnb Destinations”

  1. MojoTravels says:

    Where do you want to visit in the U.S. this year?

  2. Sam Hartman says:

    I live in the Louisville area and just a heads up, its a sh!t hole. Thunder is pretty but regardless of which side of the river you are on you are standing shoulder to shoulder with Sweaty meat blobs who smell like pbr, cigarettes, and BO. The derby is a joke and an animal rights tragedy. People spending hundreds of dollars on a hat that looks ridiculous and is gonna give them life long neck pains just to drink crappy cocktails and watch some horses pumped with more steroids than sammy sosa, mark mcguire and barry bond’s combined run themselves to death just so we have a more creative way to throw away money. The bourbon is over priced. If you swim in the river you come out with 12 toes and it’s always brown. They put $6 tolls on the main bridges and have all the others under constant construction. But the museums and art galleries are pretty neat

  3. Hey there! Just checked out Airbnb's Top 10 Most Popular Summer Destinations video, and wow, it's got me dreaming of sandy beaches and breathtaking views! Can't wait to start planning my budget-friendly adventure to one of these incredible spots. Who needs a big wallet when you've got awesome travel hacks, right? Let's go! 🌴✈

  4. CC McGee says:

    Born and raised Chicagoan that goes to Milwaukee 2 weekends a month… its such a great city!

  5. Henry Milles says:

    I was actually Born in Kansas City, Missori but I have been spending living a large part of My Life in Pennsylvania.

  6. My bucket list
    United States2.      Canada3.      Mexico4.      Bahamas5.      Costa Rica6.      Guatemala7.      Cuba8.      Dominica Republic9.      Jamaica10.  Panama11.  Aruba12.  Barbados13.  Bermuda14.  Cayman Islands15.  Guadeloupe16.  Dominican Islands17.  Puerto Rico18.  Argentina19.  Brazil20.  Chile21.  Colombia22.  Ecuador23.  Trinidad and Tobago24.  Venezuela25.  Peru26.  Australia27.  New Zealand28.  Samoa29.  Fiji30.  Tonga31.  Cook Islands32.  Bangladesh33.  China34.  India35.  Indonesia36.  Japan37.  South Korea38.  Malaysia39.  Pakistan40.  Philippines41.  Singapore42.  Sri Lanka43.  Taiwan44.  Thailand45.  Turkey46.  Bahrain47.  Israel48.  Iran49.  Jordan50.  Kuwait51.  Lebanon52.  Oman53.  Saudi Arabia54.  United Arab Emirates55.  Yemen56.  Austria57.  Belgium58.  Bulgaria59.  Cyprus60.  Czech Republic61.  Slovakia62.  Denmark63.  Finland64.  France65.  Germany66.  Greece67.  Hungary68.  Ireland69.  Italy70.  Malta71.  Monaco72.  Netherlands73.  Norway74.  Poland75.  Portugal76.  Romania77.  Spain78.  Sweden79.  Switzerland80.  United Kingdom81.  Estonia82.  Georgia83.  Latvia84.  Russia85.  Ukraine86.  Vatican City87.  Serbia 88.  Slovenia89.  Burundi90.  Ethiopia91.  Kenya 92.  Rwanda93.  Tanzania 94.  Uganda95.  Democratic Republic of Congo96.  Zambia97.  Angola98.  Botswana99.  Malawi100.                       Mozambique101.                       Namibia102.                       South Africa103.                       Zimbabwe104.                       Ivory Coast105.                       Ghana106.                       Liberia107.                       Nigeria108.                       Senegal109.                       Sierra Leone110.                       Togo111.                       Mauritania112.                       Algeria113.                       Libya114.                       Morocco115.                       Tunisia116.                       Egypt117.                       Sudan118.                       Cameroon119.                       Gabon120.                       Madagascar121.                       Mauritius122.                       Seychelles123.                       Gambia  Territories1)     Jersey (U.K.)2)     Gibraltar (U.K)3)     Comoros4)     Reunion (France)5)     Azores6)     Madeira Island (Portugal)7)     Canary Islands8)     St Helena (U.K.)9)     Anguilla (U.K.)10)  Netherlands Antilles11)  St Lucia12)  The Grenadines13)  Turks and Calcos (U.K.) 14)  British Virgin Islands15)  US Virgin Islands16)  Antigua & Barbuda17)  Grenada18)  St Bart19)  St Thomas20)  St Kitts Nevis & Nevis21)  Martinique (France)22)  Guam23)  Palau24)  Bikini Atoll25)  Tahiti (France)26)  Falkland (UK)

  7. This is my things-to-do bucket list

    Bungy jumping


    Target practice

    Hand gliding

    Ride a superbike, Elephant, Dolphin, boat, ship, airplane, quad bike, snowmobile, sled, paddle boat, chariot, litter, quadricycle, rickshaw, jet lev/flyboard, blokart, golf cart, bobsleigh, drive a monster truck, freight truck, RV, formula one racecar, nascar, bus, superbike, dirtbike, dune buggy, zeppelin/airship, seaplane, hydroplane, hot air balloon, yacht, speedboat, rowboat, lifeboat, rubber dingy, tug boat, sailboat/yacht, catamaran, riverboat, gondola, airboat, hydrofoil, speed boat fishing boat, go-kart, soapbox kart, cablecar, tram, stretch limousine, supercar, sports car, Caterpillar 797, tractor, combine harvester, firetruck, tuk-tuk, rickshaw, scooter, chariot, wagon, caravan, raft, horse-drawn open/closed carriage, litter (vehicle), hovercraft, funicular, monorail train, sea scooter

    Visit a strip club

    Visit a car factory

    Visit every continent

    Visit a theme park

    Visit an earthquake simulator centre

    Be in a music video

    Record a song in a recording studio

    Make a cameo appearance in a movie

    Water skiing, ice skating (rollerskating in a roller skating rink), snowboarding, skating park, skating romp

    Rock climbing





    Snorkeling, scuba diving

    Deep-sea diving

    Go-kart, GP karting


    Golf (Miniature golf)

    Play every game at a casino

    Sightseeing (tour bus)

    Go on a sea cruise on an ocean liner.

    ride a 2 seat bicycle tandem, unicycle

    Go for a WWF match, sumo wrestling, nacho libre, Turkish oil wrestling, mud wrestling

    Watch a movie in 3D with the 3D glasses


    Attend a beauty/bodybuilding contest

    spend the summer on a farm (dairy farm)

    build a snowman


    Ride a segway

    Ride an airboat

    Use a paintball gun

    Ride a trike

    Walk on stilts

    Take flying lesson

    Attend a parade (military/Thanksgiving, samba/carnival, mardi gras, Christmas, easter, independence day, Chinese new year, St. Patrick's day)

    Watch the live taping of a sitcom (Saturday night live)

    Attend and watch a live rocket launch

    Attend a bullfight/rodeo

    visit a radio/TV station, movie set

    Use a pogo stick

    visit a spa

    Do a road trip in a freight truck/RV/trailer/mobile home/SUV/sedan

    Zorbing, water ball

    watch a movie at a drive-in theater

    food fight, snowball fight

    pie-eating contest

    play every instrument

    Attend a Christie's auction

    Attend a cabaret, burlesque, showgirl performance

    attend a parliamentary session (10 a.m. to 4 p.m.)

    watch a woman give birth live

    visit a Native American/Amerindian/Aboriginal reserve

    Use a hydro flyer

    Hire a detective to help you find out what happened to former classmates, teachers, neighbours and construct a family tree.



    play twister, backgammon, dominoes, contract bridge

    attend a soapbox derby

    pay for everybody's groceries at a convenience store

    Attend a ballet, orchestra, symphony, opera, broadway, theatre concert

    Attend a polo match

    Attend a jousting match

    Play croquet

    play bowls

    play bingo

    Attend a stand-up comedy show

    Attend a poetry show

    Go to an art gallery

    jump on a trampoline, walk a tight rope, trapeze, vaulting.

    attend a fashion show (New York, Paris, Milan)

    sleep in a water bed/vibrating bed

    walk through a hedge maze

    take a mud bath

    dance on a dance pad

    Pottery class

    Attend a live taping/recording of a talk show/sitcom

    visit a mental asylum/institute/hospital

    visit a fortune teller (tarot cards, palm reading, tea leaves, crystal ball)

    Ride a carrousel/carousel

    swing on a stripper pole

    swim/play in a ball pit

    dive into a crowd of people


    wipeout, wibit water inflatable

    use a gramophone



    swim in a portable/ inflatable swimming pool

    skate on a synthetic ice rink



    sea bobbing

    ice/street hockey (rollerblades)


    ride a gravitron, rotor (ride)

    velcro fly wall

    smash junk with a sledge hammer/baseball bat

    play against baseball/tennis ball machine

    do to a flea market, garage/yard sale

    road trip on a Harley Davidson on route 66

    hunting (fox hunting)

    Acupuncture, Hypnosis

    Be a contestant on a game show eg (Wheel of Fortune)

    climbing wall/indoor climbing

    airbag jump

    giant swing


    driving range, indoor golf, golf simulator

    run along a racetrack, steeplechase, pass the baton, long-distance, sprint, javelin, pitball, long metre jump, vault pole jump

    take a polygraph test

    do a DNA test for ancestry

    swim in a mermaid tail costume
    Sail upon the Götheborg Of SwedenGo on a skateboard, snow & water skiing and motorcycle ramp, motorbike domeSummer camp: log roll, hit opponent off the log, axe throwing, sawing truck/log offVisit a Smurf-themed park Attend  The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus fly an inflatable boat/hand glider (FIB) dodgeball  have my name typed and printed in Chinese, Indian and Arabic fontFlag and baton twirlingfalconryMRI CAT scan
    attend a ribbon cutting and smashing champagne bottle on ship ceremonyeat marijuana cake, brownietake dance classes hip hop, break dance, ballroom dancing, salsa, rhumba, waltz, tap danceDJboxingtrack and fieldgymnastics
    surf simulator
    jump through a plane of glass or paperroller blade hockey/ice hockeyvisit a sand castle and ice sculpture exhibition
    Go to a roller disco, dancehall, discotheque, night club, rave, ballroomAttend a Moulon Rouge showPlay poker and Monopoly with real moneyattend a book signing event on travel (Happy Travels)

  8. Louisville is my home town.

  9. Matt-Man says:

    Hershey, PA and Ocean City, MD deserve honorable mentions imo.

  10. Trina Q says:

    Thanks for these recommendations, I've never been to the States before, but hope to visit them one day! 🇺🇸

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