The Most Reliable Shot in Disc Golf | Beginner Tips and Tutorials

For folks heading out for their first round of disc golf, you’re likely hoping to have fun and not embarrass yourself out there. What if I told you there was a shot you could rely on that more folks should be leaning into in order to score better? Today we want to go over the most reliable shot in disc golf for not only newer players but hopefully reminding or adding a shot that other players can use to shoot the rounds they have been hoping for. What is the shot? You’ll have to watch to find out!!

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0:00 Intro
0:231 Setting the Table
2:12 The Hardest Shot to Throw
4:39 The Most Reliable Shot
8:48 Next Steps
11:55 The Final Evolution
13:58 Wrap Up


37 Replies to “The Most Reliable Shot in Disc Golf | Beginner Tips and Tutorials”

  1. Jimmy says:

    Hole 4 at GW is such an easy righty hole. I throw lefty but throw that hole hyzer righty

  2. I definitely have an appreciation for hyzers since I was throwing flat and overshooting and skipping past baskets and the other people on my card were throwing hyzers wide between the trees and parking their shot. Gotta look for that hyzer line!

  3. Just Mike says:

    I discovered if I want to score better, I simply have to play better.

  4. ❤ not bad shot even thanks to some bogies negating my birdies and here to try to fix that.

  5. Brian Moon says:

    YES! On this hole specifically, I throw a fairway high and right and let it fade to the basket. It’s an easy, predictable, low error throw.

  6. Thank you so much for this video, really helped my Significant other have her best day yet on the course (she’s only 7 games in) have her throwing an opto diamond, mako3, buzz, and zero moonshine pure

  7. Lol! Learn the hyper shot. In next week’s episode, this guy will teach the importance of learning to throw with your hands, instead of your feet like most pros.

  8. BillFromAZ says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I've been a 'throw a level shot' type of player…..always working on getting the disc to come out level. Today, I 'gave up' and decided to not 'fight it' ….I threw with slight hyzer on my backhands and forehands. There was a big difference as my throws were more repeatable and controlable. Before watching your video, I only threw hyzer angle for two reasons…, I was throwing an understable disc and wanted to hyzer flip it….or two, I wanted to force a stable disc (or even an overstable disc) to fade more than it normally would. So thank you…..I'm no longer 'fighting' the disc to get it to fly level.

  9. bernan1 says:

    Awesome vid. Take the finesse out, reduce the variables, decrease the margin of error and..throw the hyzer.

  10. thoxipe says:

    Genuinely curious. You say that a hyzer is more accurate because less variables. It seems to me that there are more variables added with the curve of the disc in a hyzer rather than as straight shot. They both need to be thrown in the correct direction, you will just miss the hyzer left or right, as opposed to forward or back for the straight shot.

    Is it possible that you and other disc golfers prefer hyzers to straight shots in no wind mid range distances like this because – you aren't used to throwing straight shots? I can see preferring hyzers if there is wind or it's up or downhill and you don't know how exactly the disc is going to behave.

    I ask because I'm a beginner who can lazer my straight shots with my 5,5,0,0 mid range, but am bad at all anhyzer or hyzer shots.

  11. I have to agree with Robbie, try to throw a hyzer every chance you get. Even if it’s a straight shot, find something that stands up for ya and finishes straight. I have three buzzz’s to attack the slightly hyzer’d to slightly anhyzer’d shots.

  12. Who else just watched the dog at 7:55?

  13. Kimberly27 says:

    In Finland being able to throw hyzer shots is a very rare treat. Most of our courses are in wooded areas which really forces you to play through the fairway and learn those straight shots.

  14. I am having a good day! Kinda freaked me out for a sec though. Had me thinking I was dreaming Hahahah

  15. Ten Piece says:

    Such a great teacher. Thanks Robbie

  16. Petri says:

    I disagree. Well I agree that hyzer is the most reliable throw, but flat shot is not the hardest.
    I've been plying over 20 years and flat shot is ease for me. You just have to find a a correct disc for your armspeed and throw it flat. Not the easiest thing, but not the hardest either.

    By far the hardest shot is controlled long gliding anhyzer because it is the opposite of the natural hyzer. You could also call it the most unnatural shot in disc golf. For this shot to work like you want it to, you have to have:
    1. Just the right stability dics for the intended throw
    2. Just the right armspeed for the intended throw and disc.
    3. Just the right angle for the disc and armspeed you are using.
    4. Just the right height or it will stall or crash and burn.
    5. And for gods sake keep the nose down for this or all is lost!!!

    So for anhyzer to do what you want you have to have EVERYTHING dialed in.

    With hyzer you can mess up many things and it will still work pretty well.
    With flat shot you must have more things in place but it will forgive few variables.

    With anhyzer you have to have everything just right, or the throw will not do what you wanted.
    Even pros have hard time with this shot and you see that many times the anhyzer will, even for them, fade too early or turn to roller which means one or more of the above checklist items were not perfect.

  17. That legit freaked me out 😂

  18. Nathan here and yes I am having a good day thanks for asking 😊

  19. I naturally have gravitated back to hyzer shots but didn’t realize it was a hyzer. I don’t know if my discs are stable or unstable but this helps me get some clarity.

  20. adam posselt says:

    Wish I could give more than one thumbs up – I love how clear and concise your explanations are. Just great teaching.

  21. S & C says:

    14:10 How did Robbie know that I just shared this with someone?

  22. Brando says:

    Back to basics. I’m in a rut . Starting over. Again😩

  23. Great video. It’s my third year playing and this is a good reminder.

  24. Eric Walter says:

    You get these show notes from Aaron Gossage?

  25. I'm having a great day!! Thanks for asking Robbie.

  26. Thanks for the shout out Robbie!

  27. Hip to nip hyzer… Nip to nip flat

  28. Robbie u tripping dude easiest throw is forced anny on overstable to very overstable plastic. Your only cheat code is YOUTUBE SEO.

  29. John W says:

    Wow, thanks for breaking it down… So, true story: I was in my backyard practicing upshots (throwing straight). I have a pond near my house. I threw my shot, it went roughly where I wanted and I heard "QUACK". And I thought, cut me some slack, I'm not even putting. Thanks for the lesson, saving this to my watchlist to review again really soon. You the man. Smash.

  30. Matt Deming says:

    Nice war pig at 8:41 !!!

  31. I was so scared that you were going to say the forehand anhyser. I just don’t know how to get that shot to leave my hand. I love me some hyzer though, and throwing it with either hand does make life a little easier.

  32. nate hyde says:

    All the Nate’s in the chat today!

  33. ryno turtle says:

    As always,great video mr. Youtube man, lol. The hyzer-flip totally changed my game.

  34. Luke Oglesby says:

    if i was to be driving through Birmingham what are the chances i could get to play a few holes with the legendary Robbie C…lets say on 6/9/23 or 6/10/23

  35. Stephen Dial says:

    As you already know, my preferred shot is stable to OS discs on hyzer if I can help it. Some might even say I prefer to throw High Hyzers IYKYK. Great vid as always. I have a buddy I've been teaching to play for awhile now and I've been telling him to trust the reliability of throwing a hyzer for now and work on the rest later.

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