The new Travis Jordan’s #sneakers #sneakerhead #sneakernews #jordans #travisscott

38 Replies to “The new Travis Jordan’s #sneakers #sneakerhead #sneakernews #jordans #travisscott”

  1. Rad mom says:

    The Jordan 1 low with the strap is called the Jordan 312

  2. I like the golf’s. Hate the originals. That strap is pointless and ugly. 🤷‍♀️

  3. I think they’re pretty cool, I’m hoping MAYBE they’re somewhat affordable on the resell market. Like if they’re in the Travis air max range that would be cool

  4. MrLegatoblue says:

    Of course everyone is gonna change their minds on release date. Whether you like them or not. They’re probably gonna resell for a lot 😂

  5. I have been in the market for my first golf shoes

  6. kuza Dupa says:

    Im a sucker for the straps

  7. K P says:

    Those are straight trash. I will not change my mind. Never will want or touch and garbage travis j. Only ones i actually like from him are the f&f purple sample 4s. And even those arent high on my list. I just like em enough

  8. Can we stop hyping Travis Scott dude is trash… Music trash……..

  9. These are trash. The only TS that are good are the mochas and the low fragments. All the others are meh.

  10. Victor Rosa says:

    Not really feeling those, maybe a different color way perhaps👍

  11. Theyre okay, theyre pretty busy, props for making something original though

  12. Zuko says:


  13. Jaylin says:

    Low dunks with weird soles

  14. half of the haters would never even get their eyes on it so what's the point

  15. c-at says:

    lmao so whack

  16. spawnie051 says:

    never liked the reverse swoosh or any TS stuff, I don't understand the hype, it all looks like bootlegs from the 90's XD.

  17. Drew Evans says:

    They look like a sick sb model

  18. Mark Lerch says:

    I hope they release a pink C/W …pink is for pus.sies wait what😮

  19. Crease says:

    They look like a trainer 1 and air Jordan 1 low mashup with an air jordan 4 type sole

  20. SubaRue WReX says:

    I think these are fire. Hope I can get in on these but so far I have not hit on any Nike SNKRS anything.

  21. ben oliviery says:

    so those look just like the british knight shoes with the strap on the front nhat have been around for yrs and have been retroed. so how do we feel about them bitting there style …

  22. James Taylor says:

    That shit is trash. Worse than the trainers.

  23. oh beastin says:

    Trash but if I get em I'm def reselling 😂

  24. Jason says:

    Can they just make it without re-releasing the olive 🤦‍♂️

  25. I love them now but will probably hate them on release day

  26. Ngl I think there kinda ugly, not the colors but the model

  27. Bruce says:

    Great content

  28. MangoMonster says:

    I think they look cool

  29. PoliBlocks says:

    jordan 1 upper x air trainer 1 strap x jordan 4 sole 💀⁉️

  30. I’m not digging the strap, but I won’t be able to afford them anyways so whatever 🤷🏻‍♂️

  31. Pretty cool. They remind me of air trainers mashed up with Jordan 1 lows personally. I do see the 4s coming through on the midsole tho for sure

  32. Does it matter if we want them ??? Well we be able to get them without paying resell …. then maybe I'd get a pair but I refuse to pay 1,000 for a 120 shoe !!!

  33. Jay Bisser says:

    That strap ruins them for me

  34. fakie180 says:

    312 Travis legacy

  35. fakie180 says:

    Hel no, straight cheeks. Golf ones bad too.

  36. pablo bscp says:

    You can wear them with the strap open or closed, very cool and unique imo ❤

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