The ONLY 4 Discs You REALLY Need [To Play GREAT Disc Golf]

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21 Replies to “The ONLY 4 Discs You REALLY Need [To Play GREAT Disc Golf]”

  1. ItzB1itz says:

    Love this style of throwing. When you are confident you manhandle courses.

  2. massmayh3m says:

    Loved the video. 11 down at that course is a very good score

  3. Tsxtasy1 says:

    Here’s my list:
    Woodchuck (putter)

  4. Tomb, Pathfinder, Construct, Sword is a bag that I'd probably shoot just as well as with my full bag.

  5. Lankybrit52 says:

    Great video and idea. I think I might try out 4 neutral discs sometime.

  6. Hey Man great video. Which camera are you using to shoot these videos and which lens?

  7. Great video. I picked up a pure because of your videos and after a couple rounds I love it for putting and throwing hard version). Being fairly new to the game this really makes me want to take some discs out of my bag and just throw shots I'm comfortable with. Fantastic video!

  8. Ok, I am going to dig through my pile of discs and try this same thing!

  9. joe Maxey says:

    Pure, Truth, Orion Ls & Wraith are my main 4 in my bag for this MA50.

  10. P2, Hex, Insanity, DD1

  11. Isaiah White says:

    Just simply great content! Thanks brother ✊🏽

  12. I just really dont agree with the premise of this video. Im glad your putting out content, but it feels that the point you are trying to convey to us is a little forced.

    If one were to choose just 5 discs for a tournament, it should be 5 you are most confortable with. It feels like you wanted to play a round with only neutral discs and came up with this premise to do that

  13. This is y a bigger bag isn’t always beneficial. I throw a lot of neutral discs and it’s simplifies so much

  14. Bam Bam says:

    Judge, hex, fireball, destroyer

  15. Kevin C E says:

    Envy, Hex, Instinct, Wraith, Cloudbreaker

  16. Andrew Kolka says:

    Mine is anode, harpoon, undertaker, curl, and Bowie

  17. gurb says:

    this has to be some of your smoothest throwing in a minute. need more of these 4 disc rounds

  18. Just look at Ida Emilie Nesse, she competes with the best FPO players, and throws her Sapphire for 90% of the tee shots.

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