The Pat McAfee Show | Wednesday August 2nd, 2023

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49 Replies to “The Pat McAfee Show | Wednesday August 2nd, 2023”

  1. Januatae P says:

    As a former player ain’t no way your love for jim isray to keep painting jt like this 😂😂😂

  2. Disco Dick says:

    It's a Babushka! 😂😂

  3. Hunter Cox says:

    Shay Sharpe isn’t a top TE bro?

  4. Your trash intro with that menacing music has made me unsubscribe.

  5. Logan Wagler says:

    Kaboly facetimes like a blind person

  6. Panther is a spotted leopard. Just a normal ol mountain cat

  7. Brett Greer says:

    You lads need to describe that a flat is the good part of the wing with all the meat… Not the actual wing part which os all bone and skin

  8. Mingo304 says:

    Protect Kaboly at all costs!

  9. D W says:

    How does fighting in practice mean a player is more committed or fired up to play? Kelce threw a punch cuz he was mad at a dude throwing a late punch at the ball, which is understandable, but it doesn’t show this dude cares more. He might care more at the end of the day but fighting definitely doesn’t show that. That’s a character issue and that’s why Kelce came out and said he needs to be a better teammate.

  10. MOJULU 2 says:

    Kaboly is the best!! 😂😂😂

  11. Rigg House says:

    Why are you guys editing the episodes to be more pc. I noticed the glitch during the Orlando Magic discussion.

  12. LIZZO doesn’t stand for anything it looks like…

  13. Someone tried stealing kabolis catalytic converter

  14. Just wipe with the other pat, its not that serious

  15. BK says:

    I love kaboly

  16. Rando rep says:

    Can Pac-Man stop with the What? He doesn’t get when to do it.

  17. Ty says:

    Good old Dan o Bozo with the hot takes. He’s grown on me over the years.

  18. Ty says:

    Kaboly is the greatest guest ever. Absolute legend 2:55:49

  19. MD 97 says:

    They forgot to mention the part where TONY STEWART MURDERED KEVIN WARD JR IN 2014

  20. Joe DeFrank says:

    Dude I’m sorry but Shefty stinks there’s no need to have him on the show.

  21. Let’s have a Wednesday, lads!
    I’ve been in an area with limited access wifi (At hospital, my wife and I have just had our first child together 💪)

    5:02 Hahr One 🎉 Pinky Ring Talk / Broncos Talk
    15:41 Dan Orlovsky
    35:08 Go-Kart Talk / Packers & Jordan Love Talk

    1:05:48 Hahr Two 🎉 Adam Schefter
    1:34:36 Holdout Talk / Ice Fishing Talk / Athlete Gambling Talk / Athletics Talk / Lizzo Talk
    2:12:43 Mike Florio

    2:31:03 Hahr Three 🎉 Kelce Moustache Talk / Trash Talking
    2:50:20 Mark Kaboly
    2:57:07 Tony Meola
    3:01:48 Toxic Talk and The….. Phoneline

  22. MOJULU 2 says:

    Kings of the north, but finished 3rd in the division last year? 🤔

  23. The Somalian sprinter was hilarious. If you were her, why would you even contemplate running that race? She wasn't even remotely close to being in the kind of shape necessary to even pretend to be good enough to be there.

  24. "Green Bays defense is a strength of this team but they underperformed for the first 13 weeks of the season"

    Pretty sure that just means they're not great. But I don't have a fancy piece of paper to say I own the team, so perhaps one of us is being more objective…

  25. Dak had ONE season throwing that many picks and DAN is worried. What about Josh Allen having more ints than Dak and just as much success? But we put Allen in the mvp race every year. Dallas will have a different offense to where not every receiver runs an option route. Getting the ball out his hand faster and making quicker decisions. If dak is middle of the pack what is jalen hurts? Philly changed their offense last year and he flourished. He used his legs and got the ball to his playmakers quick. Dak is in Dallas and he is clearly under a microscope every year but he is still a top 7 qb and the best qb in the nfc East and his NUMBERS prove it.

  26. J J Fraser says:

    Pac-Man is a proper DAAAWWWGGG

  27. Diamond D says:

    Shefter is just annoying…

  28. Buck Naked says:

    I've been off my groove with the boys gone. They're back & the week just feels right again. Thank yew……boys, thank you Lizzo for bringing the toxic back!!!

  29. MrSavageY8S says:

    No shade but can we call the show pat McAfee and the boys lol

  30. PAC always dress nice 😊

  31. Love the cold calls. Always works for a live show.

    For the AFC playoffs re: Tyler and his Chargers, the first game of the year could have immediate playoff implications with Fins-Chargers. If you think division winners (according to current odds) may be Chiefs, Bills, Jags, Bengals then the teams fighting for the wild card spots are Jets, Ravens, Chargers, Fins. For 2 of those teams to play immediately is pretty sweet, we're already getting things sorted out.

    Seriously, every game matters in the NFL

  32. ummidunno31 says:

    I love how Pac’s “whuut” are usually just sprinkled throughout dialogue lmao brudda be moving to the beat of his own drum with those

  33. Ninjaballer says:

    Drums all day! Y’all leave that cartilage on the drum huh? Wack!

  34. XFL kickoffs coming to the NFL has as much of a chance of happening as The Golden State Warriors supporting Desantis for President

  35. Tone looks so good, man.

  36. Mike Huber says:

    Wanna know about ESPYs and AJ Hawk drinking his urine every day!

  37. LOVE YEW KABOLY!!!!! You are an awesome Yinzer!!!! From a Yinzer in Wyom'n ✌❤🤘

  38. Champ1732 says:

    Yo Tyler which is actually Skyler from Utah haha that’s me, I think that would be a segment I would love to see boys! KEEP IT MOVIN!

  39. Jedi Mark says:

    I ran a wing place for 5 years and all flats is ordered way more than all drums. But those people are stupid, drums are by far a better order. The difference is flat people don't really like chicken, they just want to eat fried skin and sauce. The worst is the extra crispy people, They want to make sure there is no chance they taste any chicken.

  40. It is funny listening to you all complain about the heat. Phoenix just got out of like a month straight of +110°. I WISH it was only 100° out here.

  41. Vernon Bandy says:

    Has orlovsky ever been right?
    Pat thinks everyone is a guy, especially if they "dap strong" or wear a nice suit.
    Schefter really is trash

  42. Haven't watched yet but apparently a lot of Cowboys fans disguised as ESPN and Pat haters are really upset with Orlovsky for his take on Dak.🤣

  43. To put the national "coverage" of the 49ers in perspective. Lance is getting bad press despite having the highest completion % of all the QBs. When it comes to the 49ers, you can only trust local guys because the national guys are never correct. The local guys said Lance would get drafted, the national guys still claim they were gonna draft Mac Jones

  44. Ryan Seney says:

    Flats all day long!!

  45. Tretty Claws says:

    Totally forgot about Tone eating wings in bed 😂

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