The POWER BRIDGE DRIVER DRILL #golfswing #golf #golftips #golfcoach #golftip #golfshorts #golfball

6 Replies to “The POWER BRIDGE DRIVER DRILL #golfswing #golf #golftips #golfcoach #golftip #golfshorts #golfball”

  1. Mr Dune says:

    The audio on this video wasn't great, but I love your videos ❤

  2. Looks like a great tip hopefully I’ll try it tomorrow

  3. Brad Stuart says:

    This is so simple and yet brilliant

  4. Mattias A says:

    I discovered something about driver the other week that has me hitting both driver and 3 wood 70 percent better and more up (driver). I feel that I come at the ball from behind, like straight from behind. It gives me good tilt etc.

    So my one thought before hitting it is "Come from behind".

    Calm down you p*rv*erts. 😄

  5. You're the best Alex. Not even close.

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