The pressure got to me… Golf is such a mental game #golf #golfer #golflife

21 Replies to “The pressure got to me… Golf is such a mental game #golf #golfer #golflife”

  1. David says:

    Perfect body, great attitude she's awesome ❤

  2. Jim Danny says:

    So you got a 7 damn?

  3. Freebo says:

    You HAVE to make sure you take enough loft to get over a tree, regardless of how dar the green is. Also, a new putter can spark a new type of confidence, but the issue is the human hitting the ball, not the putter….

  4. Beautiful woman ❤❤

  5. You missed your 2nd putt. Double bogey

  6. Alexis Reyes says:

    Sabrina game and her are hot

  7. David I says:

    The putter isn’t the problem 😂

  8. Elle Marie says:

    Omg you’re replacing your Bettinardi?!

  9. I feel your pulling your back swing a bit too. Much. Keep sticking your but though. That’s swell

  10. Tony Tolle says:

    Everytime we get a little cocky. The golf gods say, (NOT TODAY).😊

  11. MJ Karwal says:

    Can I have your old putter? Signed, of course!

  12. JDL says:

    I've hit many tree's, at least your shot came out. I NEVER FIND MINES……😅😂

  13. I really enjoy Sabrina's golf game🎉❤

  14. RS66 says:

    Never let your golf ball get near a palm tree

  15. You're still my hero, Sabrina ❤

  16. Art Gayhart says:

    Let’s GOOOOOO Sabrina! You Rock !

  17. Never boring on your channel. 😂😂😂

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