I have NEVER seen anything like it! These are the SECRET golf clubs that lead to Bryson DeChambeau rare 58 to win LIV Golf Greenbrier title!! Bryson DeChambeau produced one of the most remarkable rounds in the history of golf on Sunday, shooting 58 to win the LIV Golf Greenbrier title. The 2020 US Open champion had 13 birdies and one bogey in his 12-under-par round to finish 23 under for the 54-hole event in West Virginia, this is crazy right?

Bryson DeChambeau wins on the Liv golf tour but NO ONE is buying the golf clubs that he is using! Did you see the liv golf tour highlights and highlights of Brysons swing?!


In this video we are going to take a closer look at Bryson DeChambeau’s bag, whats in the bag Bryson DeChambeau but more importantly we are going to look at this driver, his putter and his irons!

DeChambeau said it is “probably the greatest moment in my golfing career” but one important note in this golf video and breaking golf news is Bryson is a free agent in the golfing world, mean he can pick any driver he wants, any putter, irons and so on. So what does Bryson DeChambeau pick? Let’s take a look in this video.

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  1. BACK 9 FILMS says:

    Would this go in your bag? YES OR NO? also I bet you never saw this coming with driver…

  2. Mike McHugh says:

    I had a Krank formula 5 drive about 10 years ago, swing speed around 105, and I just wasn't able to make it out perform my gamer, so it went up on ebay.

  3. 100% heard of Krank, and SMT, and others. But nobody uses them. Everyone wants to use the clubs they see their favorite pro playing.

  4. Long drive and Paderson Shafts!
    I have the shafts in my irons.

  5. Jay Dobson says:

    If it's something that works for you play it regardless of brand. There's always something new that comes along. 10-15 yrs ago who knew of PXG.

  6. Love my krank formula 5 driver.. it's a monster off the tee and I'm a 20 handicap

  7. No one is buying them because very few give a rats ass about Bryson and LIV.

  8. Simon Watt says:

    I’ll tell everyone a little secret…… it’s not the clubs.

  9. John Noble says:

    Yes I have heard. Bryson making critics look bad

  10. krank is well known in the usa for long drive contest

  11. He used a Krank 3 wood as well

  12. I use the same 6 degree LD head. I don't recommend the LD head for anyone under 175 mph. It has a thicker face and will always test conforming, for it is thicker and will have less ball speed for slower swingers, but will consistently have a 1.51-1.52 smash factor for faster swingers. He had the Krank fire glue in 13 degree wood in that tournament as well

  13. Will says:

    I think whether or not they decide to go into the one length irons market depends on Cobras one length iron sales. If they had some success then they might do it. But if they weren't moving off the shelves I don't see them making them

  14. Started playing Krank in 2013 as I competed in long drive. They are still wonderful clubs.

  15. John B says:

    If it works I would use it.

  16. I would only ever consider the USGA conforming club. I want nothing to do with illegal clubs. I might suck at the game, but the only way I get better at the game is for ME to improve as a player, no to take a cheap way out by using the equivalent of a corked baseball bat.

  17. Krank has been the most used on ReMax Long Drive Championships. Those use longer shafts though non conforming. Calloway saw an opportunity and sponsored many long drive competitors. I wanted to try one but too expensive. I was shocked when Bryson used it on weekend and am happy for him. He has taken More Norman s single plane swing to another level!
    I did see Krank offering golfers a chance to try these drivers out. But seeing the questions and answers. It looked like you paid for the club first. A sales gimmick. This was on Facebook

  18. JZMouse says:

    I swung the Krank at the range with a long drive competitor. It had a long shaft and very low loft. Couldn't make it work back then. Im not a long drive guy just a regular player. Maybe, I will try the new one but I do like my Rogue that was fitted for me.

  19. Okay, it's wonderful to have a 'guaranteed' fairway-finder, BUT, you need ALL your other clubs to achieve a 58. CASE CLOSED, he IS unbelievable.

  20. Tim says:

    I highly doubt Ping made his irons 1 length. He uses LA golf shafts and I’m sure they made up his set.

  21. Tim says:

    I would use it if it worked well for me. I don’t give 2 shits what brand I use as long as it’s what is best for me.

  22. I had a Krank years ago, El Diablo model… awesome!!! 12 handicap at the time, not a great ball striker, but it was long and forgiving. I kinda miss it.

  23. Bryson has acheaived peak chad, he is now the alpha and the omega

  24. Greg Oppman says:

    I have a full set of i230 irons on a la golf shaft. The are absolutely amazing irons. Love them! Glad I am an early adopter like Bryson D!

  25. I had a Krank Rage driver a decade ago, it was a fun club to hit. It was a 9 degree with a 46 inch X-flex. My club speed was in the low 110s at the time

  26. Donte Brown says:

    I've seen a pre-owned Krank Driver at Golf Galaxy in Columbia Maryland, a few years ago. I picked it up to look at it, but I didn't hit it. Maybe I should've! LOL

  27. I have thay had cheap hybrids like 5 years ago looked gimmicky

  28. I'm on my 3rd Krank driver. Love 'em. It could use a face lift and a better designed cover but this thing is a great club. That's why I'm on my 3rd one. I get the new design each promotion.

  29. I have formula 6.5….it's amazing

  30. T Mays says:

    Krank makes awesome drivers

  31. Sean Cook says:

    regarding the irons i230’s customised by Ping. They are such consistent iron head which is absolutely why Bryson is using them.

  32. Sean Cook says:

    Bryson needs the thicker face and construction of a long drive head because of the club head speed he generates. Like most long drive players they end up destroying standard driver heads as the face is not physically designed for that level of club head speed and constant battering.

  33. Ive used a few Krank drivers and didnt think they were that great. Okay at best. They look sorta like a Callaway. They are known for long drive.

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