The simple lesson that has me hitting the best golf shots of my life

One aspect of the golf swing I have never understood was the release and I’ve been doing it wrong this whole time. The release is one of the most important parts of the golf swing, yet nobody talks about it. In this lesson I learn how the release is similar to a two hand bounce pass in basketball.

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Zach’s info:
If you are interested in taking a golf lesson with Zach, reach out to him on instagram @zachberhow.instruction or email him at

00:00 Introduction
02:32 Identifying the ground strike issue
03:10 How to release the club
05:04 Working with a tee
08:13 Slap drill
10:55 Talking progress of the swing
13:04 Keeping the head back
15:12 Bring hands back
17:08 giveaway results
17:36 best range session


48 Replies to “The simple lesson that has me hitting the best golf shots of my life”

  1. Zach Berhow says:

    The excitement in your voice about your practice session says everything. Priceless

  2. Jake Allen says:

    Is a 140 carry for a 7 iron a little short? Honest question not a troll.

  3. Bassmasta911 says:

    Nice video, good insights from the teacher

  4. Barrett Hurd says:

    Why is it when I see some awesome coach on Youtube they’re never anywhere close to where I live? 😂 any chance you know any coaches like this in SC/NC?

  5. Dric Yao says:

    What iron were you using here in the first part of the video

  6. Golf Mad says:

    Swing looks awesome pal ❤

  7. Dan Reyno says:

    This is such a great video! You've got yourself a new subscriber. Plus, I think you've convinced me to go and get lessons myself. I've been playing for about 5 months as well now and I have the exact same problems in terms of consistency. And when you haven't got consistency it's hard to have confidence. P.S. Your swing is looking real good!

  8. BARKBROS says:

    Great video brother, those swings look dope! I really need a coach lol 💯

  9. I C says:

    Just the video I needed.

  10. James says:

    which lesson was the long iron video you mentioned in this video? Thx

  11. Amazing with all the technology, great Coach with cool hat and beard, you are back to the clip the tee drill that Harvey Penick used in the 1930’s. Great job!

  12. rsh rsh says:

    At what point does the instructor get tired of being called "dude"…?

  13. Exactly what Ive been doing – very useful thx

  14. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Love that right hand back to club drill ..

  15. Yerp, my back swing is my true disaster. Ruins my tee game and my problem is the same. Thin shots and I do hold onto my L too long. The bounce pass and tee picking is the new drill. I must stop being fearful of hitting the ground!!! Best of luck Ernie.

  16. Kieran Gibbs says:

    I played golf for 4 or 5 years from 13 years old and took it back up 14 years later. Well stumbled on this video today and been playing again for a year and damn that's a good coach bro he's got a plan your loving it looks like he's loving it you guys got a plan and it's working! I'm gonna look back through your videos my bro look for some nuggets of gold I can use! I'm only an 11 handicap by the way.. keep it up bro I'm invested now 😅

  17. Same move I’m working on for myself and daughter! Glad to hear I’m on the right track

  18. Rob Smits says:

    Finally, it has become clear to me. I am very grateful for sharing the video’s. Zach is great coach, with clear explanations. 🥳

  19. Jason Kelley says:

    I'm confused. I always hear that you want to deloft the ball and hit it lower. But here hitting it lower was a problem? I guess there's a happy medium?

    Coach Zach seems often and Ernie seems really teachable.

  20. I suggest watching some of Porzak Golf youtube, he's probably the best coach available online and he has 100's of videos. Your swing doesnt seem very connected which could lead to inconsistent ball striking.

  21. The fact you got him trying to swing like tiger😂

  22. desano1975 says:

    Is that instructor from University of Michigan? I see the maize n blue

  23. Dee Hn says:

    So this drill will help me stop hitting behind the ball? That’s my biggest struggle as a beginner.

  24. There's a great video on Danny Maude's YT channel with Pete Cowan talking about the trail arm. Keep the trail elbow down and in front of the body, and the release is all about straightening the trail arm without forearm rotation. It's the body rotation that helps square the club face through impact.

    This release approach has greatly improved my consistency

  25. Bob P. says:

    Q for Zach- you were happy with 7 iron launch angle at 28° . Club loft was probably around 30°. Don't tour players try to take significant loft off a club so maybe hit a 30° 7 iron at about 20-22°? More distance and boring flight?

  26. slan0011 says:

    Can you tell me more about the tee drill? How far down so you place it in the ground? Because I normally break the tee on contract. Thanks.

  27. mplunky1 says:

    Hi by chance ive just watched one of your very recent videos on some major swing changes you were making & i really identified with the same issues. The biggest fault i have in my swing is getting a truely repeating swing path motion from in to out. I see that you had exactly the same issue & have managed to solve it. Is there a specific move or action you are now doing in your head to make this happen from the top of your backswing & down? it like a rear shoulder move downward in your transition & trail arm matching up in line with your clubshaft or a specific manor that you are realising your trail hand towards the outward path?.
    Really appreciate this content & your teacher seems incredibly spot on for you.
    Would love to see more of both you & he together in the actual vision frame of your videos as a suggestion.

  28. Rob Scott says:

    Another great video with a ton of info. Thanks to you and Zac for putting this out. Dang I wish I was closer to DFW. 🤣🤣🏌🏻‍♂️

  29. teddy thodo says:

    Excellent stuff. I’ve never quite felt that feeling before ( bounce pass in basketball) so I’m definitely going to try it!!

  30. DonJr says:

    beautiful impact position.

  31. soupra22 says:

    Great lesson, I'm glad I watched it. The bounce pass is similar to one of my favorite feels ill have to try that one and the right hand off the grip back to the grip. Good stuff and thanks for posting.

  32. Dude haven't watch the video yet but just with the thumbnail it already makes sense and I can almost feel the release already haha. Good stuff

  33. Great video! Have you found the timing of the release is different depending on the length of the club? For example, is the release earlier for the driver?

  34. Ian Shepherd says:

    Quad shows all strikes low depending on where the fitter has the dots. You almost have to rely on feel for the verticals but quad is usually pretty good horizontally…that is it’s one downfall is strike can change depending on dot placement.

  35. Swing is looking great, such a nice ball flight on the pure hits! What's your handicap at the moment and what handicap where you when you started the journey 39 weeks ago?

  36. Best one yet dude.
    I ain’t a fan of his look but he is such a good fit for your swing and it’s been such a good feel for me personally too. That snap and rotate has stopped me holding it off too.
    I am a lowly 11 handicap and won’t ever get to scratch but I hope you do and this journey has been a real eye opener for us normal amateur golfers.

  37. MURPHY says:

    Thanks for sharing. New sub here. My Coach just passed few weeks ago. I'm glad your Coach gives drill that he gave me to do, I can so much identify. I'm getting confident just watching and rehearsing. Thanks 🙏

  38. Elliot says:

    Just found your channel and am enjoying catching up. Your swing looks great mate, and I love your attitude and enthusiasm – great work 👍

  39. Keep grinding. I'm still looking for an instructor for my swing. Have an small out to in with my driver and 3 wood. Developed it from ripping the muscle between my ribs on my right side last summer. Thinking about getting a camera with higher recording fps because my swing is so fast when I look back on my iphone it's just too blurry even with a iphone 14 x or whatever the thing is called. One of the reason its hard to find a instructor that can help me because of my fast swing.

  40. robster230 says:

    I have the exact same issue, in my lessons I'm inside and slam the floor after the ball, but on the course it's like I adjust to make sure I don't hit the ground. It's soooooo hard to counter I'm really struggling.

  41. M Send says:

    Great lesson, but how do keep the hand release from turning into a hook. Thanks

  42. T L says:

    I literally just had this lesson with my coach last week. Was great to see from a 3rd person perspective. Great stuff

  43. Roy Tan says:

    Loving the content and the swing progression Ernie, keep it up!

  44. Douglas says:

    So cool! I totally respect your journey and I think you have a very solid approach to getting there.

  45. Man. I LOVE watching your videos!

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