23 Replies to “The STUPIDLY EASY Method To Hit A Divot EVERY TIME!”

  1. J R says:

    bro, i can't even hit my irons! I played a round yesterday, where I didn't use a single iron…just driver, 3 wood, 5 hybrid, my wedges and putter lol…5-P were never hit!

  2. Great instructions James, hope i can try and get these into my game, more practice needed!!👍

  3. PAUL Mount says:

    Great Video James! Thanks!

  4. phil shield says:

    Great video well explained helping me understand the process

  5. That's was very well communicated, makes a lot of sense, sometimes my 7iron goes 155 but evey once in a while it flies to 175, I like the feel of the 175 shot more, gonna fiddle with this concept on the range thank you James, take care of that family brother that's what is all about!!! Congrats

  6. Adrian Scott says:

    Great video – can you do a similar one for hybrid and fairway woods ie hitting down on / compressing 🤔👍🏼👍🏼

  7. Roy Close says:

    Well done James 👏

  8. Liam Daniell says:

    Great video james. Will be practicing those tips this week. Keep up the good work.👊 Congrats on fatherhood! 👊🙂

  9. Thanks for the video. When my ball striking starts going astray it's almost always because of this. Likewise, when things are going great I'm getting good weight transfer and it feels like the ball is being pinched up into the air effortlessly.

  10. Lexx White says:

    Thanks for the reminder mate. No matter how many times I hear / see this exact topic, I always seem to find new ways to F$#@ it up, so the refreshers are always good!

  11. James Snyder says:

    Morning from Carolina! Thanks for the daily content. You and Laura do a great job…and Billy is a great addition to the family. What a blessing!

  12. Paul Cooper says:

    You make it sound so easy! So here’s a question….so let’s say you have a club with 35 deg loft and you use this technique to deloft and deliver 30 dynamic loft at impact. Why not just hit a 30deg club with a “normal” swing to deliver 30deg at impact? I’m sure there are good reasons…….? Is it about spin rates etc?

  13. chad Otis says:

    From a fellow dad thanks for some efficient tips.

  14. oZekoh says:

    this is a wake up call for me, I've been strugling with a hook draw when I hit my low irons at the moment. ill make sure to implament this in my future iron sessions! thanks for the help!

  15. Gary Asher says:

    Can't please all of them all of the time I guess James. I appreciate your time and effort for posting daily videos.

  16. Do you lean handle forward for the driver as well as irons?

  17. Why do you talk so fast? Do you have a time limit on these videos?

  18. Charles Alan says:

    Good video, explained the “what” I have to do! …..but I wasn’t really clear about the “how” to achieve it!

  19. easy swing says:

    Great video do you use the body to get shaft lean?

  20. First today! Thanks James!

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