The TRUTH About Early Extension and How To FIX It

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In this video, Adam goes over the truth about why golfer early extend and how you can fix it. The main reason for early extension is a reaction to what the golfer will do in the backswing (high hands, disconnection, incorrect hand path). The body will instinctually correct the fault in the downswing in order to hit the golf ball. Adam goes over how to fix these faults in order to cure your early extension problems.

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28 Replies to “The TRUTH About Early Extension and How To FIX It”

  1. Lubo86 says:

    My current instructor has me bowing my wrist on the takeaway as I have a habit of fanning the club back inside, should I cock my wrists instead?

  2. James Han says:

    This video was so awesome and informative

  3. Rhys Roberts says:

    So Adam – butt of the club to belt buckle is noted here – is that also true for Driver ?

  4. One of my fav videos, a lot because the gentleman is analytical like myself and asks questions. One thing though, what starts or activates turning g through? Is it legs up, or upper body rotation?

  5. I am a self taught golfer, and Porzak is the first page to drastically improve my game. Dropped from a 14 to a 9 handicap in the past few months. Really great stuff as always.

  6. Dan Warner says:

    Adam – when you demonstrate the hip bump, it looks like it's not just bumping the lead hip forward toward the target, it looks like a combo of forward and a little back away from the target line? Is that accurate? Great video!

  7. Mark Day says:

    One of the best out there always insightful 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  8. SHodges28 says:

    Love this lesson! This is my problem…over extension. Thank you for explaining this in a clear and easy to understand way!!!! I have incorporated your teachings into my game and I am already seeing improvement in my ball striking and accuracy! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  9. Lucas Dutton says:

    Can I ask you one question as well please? I golf righty and struggled with weak right balls. Is it okay to internally rotate my lead shoulder along with my fairly strong grip at setup? I've found I'm not missing right or slicing doing that.

  10. Jerry Baker says:

    Show a drill to get to the left side!!!

  11. Peder Jensen says:

    That is exactly my problem. My backswing has always been a bow – that I in my head see as a wrist set. So my backswing is ultra flat and arm just rising and body standing still. But I am still a scratch player, but I would give money to get a nice looking swing instead of having a swing I not even on purpose could replicate – it just happens 🙂

  12. mealey says:

    Best video I've seen in a long time. Explains a lot in complete detail

  13. I'm doing the same bowed hinge, works great with driver but can take a divot with irons and keep getting a inside shank 😮

  14. Jimmy S says:

    I have issue with lifting my head on my back swing. Would you say that could be due to my setup?

  15. freddywayne says:

    Porzak Golf is a genius! And nobody can convince me otherwise.

  16. SCAP says:

    This is definitely one of the best videos to help clarify misconceptions I had. Thank you!

  17. Ape index says:

    How do you keep your weight from being excessively toward your toes when setting up with shoulders past toes? 🙏

  18. Pete Parker says:

    Perfect!!! Thank you kind sir. That gentleman has the same drawl as me almost, I’m a Texican but live in Florida. I’ll be taking this to the range with me tomorrow.

  19. So, I just got back from the range. Turn on YT and there is the PG Video talking about early extension and fix. The discussion goes to spine angle and maintaining it thru the swing. The light bulb goes on. I hit some shots today that went right or worse, topped bcuz I stood up during the swing. I know better but it happens. It’s amazing to see a video that reminds me exactly why I hit those poor shots! Thank you Porzak Golf for these insightful lessons on video. My golf has improved substantially since I have been watching. I’ll keep watching as long as you keep posting! Love it!

  20. Rob.B says:

    This is no bullshit. I played this weekend in the Club Championship. I implemented everything I could watching Porzak Golf. I went out only trying to make pars. I played two days. I’m a 12 handicap. Day 1 I shot 82 no doubles and no birdies. Day 2 I shot 77. ( lowest round of the year) One double and an eagle that I holed out on a par5 from 55 yards and no birdies. My final 9 holes I shot 36. Final 4 holes I went bogey, Eagle, Bogey, and made a six footer for Par and won the Club Championships. I say all that to say thank you Adam for making these wonderful videos.

  21. Lucas Dutton says:

    Love your vids especially ones with amateurs. Keep it up! Wish you were closer to TX I'd see you tomorrow!

  22. Kirt Perez says:

    How did your hinge teaching go from a 45 degree angle to now a vertical hinge in this video??

  23. I love these lessons with amateurs ❤

  24. Brett Pool says:

    This is my Achilles heel…early extension, "chicken wing" leading to a banana slice. I recognize that I have tried the same fix he was attempting that compounds the problem with the bowed wrist. I'll be taking this to the backyard and putting in some practice. Also, thank you for sharing the tip for saving the club face. I'm guilty of pounding ball after ball without considering the wear and tear. Thank you for sharing the full range of your student's experience levels. Looking forward to the next video!

  25. macsupforfun says:

    Awesome! great explanations.

  26. Art Heart says:

    really enjoyed this video. Great content and instruction. Appreciate your insight.

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