The Ultimate Behind the Scenes Podcast #7 | Saturday PM

25 Replies to “The Ultimate Behind the Scenes Podcast #7 | Saturday PM”

  1. EmmaLiz says:

    Who was sevan talking about who had a bad day and would let him film?

  2. Most improved = Alexis Raptis 💯

  3. Salo Ri says:

    Oh wow – watching this while waiting for the final event – and hearing the speculations after the fact Roman messed up his foot…. John of the past – you are in for a surprise!

  4. Benita L says:

    Sprague is charismatic.

  5. Seth Greer says:

    Shohei Ohtani is the prime example

  6. We don’t need everyone to be milk toast. Keep it up DB. Love her!

  7. I told you guys Roman would be top 5 in the muscle up test

  8. Ian Aarsvold says:

    Am I wrong to say that this may be the best games programming we have seen in recent years? Seems like a diverse group of event winners and some great storylines on each event.

  9. BLADE Walker says:

    You guys really doubled down on the community aspect of CF. 💯

  10. Inga says:

    Paddle boards

  11. My favorite BTS so far. Love that Brian Spin comes on and chimes in. Humble dude.

  12. NV1111 says:

    Completely disagree with Sevan regarding DBs actions. There’s a time and place for everything. Enabling this behavior is why it continues to happen. Start penalizing with money fees for these actions and I guarantee it would stop.

  13. Avera says:

    CF completely fucking woking with the Krenekov and Semenov flag bullshit . . . .amongst other woke bullshit like affiliation with ESPN. Disgusting.

  14. The start of this show was hilarious 😂😂😂😂

  15. Asian kids and Indian kids sevan? Where exactly do you think India is?😂

  16. Cody Gifford says:

    What event did DB swear on?

  17. Chris Giles says:

    Where are JR and Taylor?

  18. ANNA - UK says:

    Do you think they’ll do a hyrox?

  19. Db might be charismatic in person but it doesn’t come across like that when the cameras on her during an event and you don’t know or care about her background (all the new ESPN viewers)

  20. DB is a fuckin 🌰job i really dont get the hype 🤔 yea she have awesome titties that's it

  21. Watching the games at night and reviewing in the morning with u guys,big love from Scotland.

  22. DB is still young. She can still make top 10. She still can have a great career, this is just one games

  23. Will Martin says:

    Teams is too much!!! They should only have elite!!!

  24. Shohai ohtani for MLB

  25. Bill Francis says:

    Another amazing episode! Still laughing about Calebs pet skunk and the line about Hiller snorting C4 haha. Keep up the amazing work gentlemen, its been the most amazing ride and honored to be here since the beginning. #gofindHiller

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