The BATTLE of the AFFORDABLE irons!! – Are you looking for NEW irons then these 2 brands could be right up your street!! This MID handicap Golfer swears by his TAKOMO 101T irons. But are these Caley irons a straight copy, an improvement or not as good as the popular Takomo range. YOU DECIDED!!


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9 Replies to “The UNBELIEVABLE TAKOMO 101T v Caley 01!!”

  1. Mike Hamrick says:

    Just a suggestion
    Maltby from The Golf Works. They are DTC, recently bought the TS1 forged. They are 2 piece forged face, top line thin, thin sole and hollow body. Love em !! Steel or graphite option or purchase and assemble yourself if you like.

  2. Golfermanjim says:

    The Takomo’s look better but I need graphite shafts. Bad hands and Ankylosing Spondylitis 🤕 I need all of the relief that I can get.

  3. Further option is to just buy the RAM FX77s at £275 as they are the same heads anyway, from most likely the same Chinese supplier.
    I did back in April and play them again Apeks CF16 with the same stiff flex of graphite's. Exact same feel accuracy and distance.

  4. Maxwell Golf says:

    Chris we want to see YOU play

  5. Paul McGee says:

    When selecting from their website (Caley) I see no mention of whether shafts are steel or graphite and their weights. Takomo say they do graphite but won’t let me make that choice.

  6. I wanted to get some tacomo irons but only steel shafts was a deal breaker, I have had 3 shoulder and a wrist surgery I need graphite . I purchased used Mizuno pro 225 …. Saved $500 and got graphite recoil shafts. Picked up 4 MPH on my 7 iron OMG , these new clubs with foam inside are awesome.

  7. SG says:

    Ordered the 101T over two months ago, I’m 36 but hoping I get a chance to hit them before I die of old age….

  8. Pretty interesting comparison!! Thanks ❤

  9. Mo Moghal says:

    Problem is the Takomo isn't under £500! IF you get stung for the import tax then your £460 Takomo 101T then you're paying closer to £650 for the set. I know people who have paid £120 for their Takomo set.

    The Caley are UK based. What you pay is what you get. The 01 is £450 or the equivalent to the 101T is the 01T for £499.

    Different price points! And one of my biggest criticisms of Takomo because none of the YouTubers take into account the Import tax.

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